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Friday, 29 July 2016

The Uncommon Drive to succeed

Just because You are considered a failure today, does not mean You will not succeed tomorrow.
Just because You were born in penury does not mean You cannot become a billionaire tomorrow.
Just because You failed today does not mean You are failure.
Just because You are Nobody today, does not mean You will not be a Somebody tomorrow.
Just because People rejected You does not mean they will not appreciate and accept You tomorrow.
Just because Your today is meaningless does not mean Your tomorrow will not be meaningful.
Just because You are considered a dullard does not mean You are dull.
Just because You were scorned and mocked does not mean You will not be celebrated.
Just because You are loser today does not mean You will not be a winner tomorrow.
Just because Your condition is hopeless today does not mean there is no way out.
Success is a state of mind, the ability to succeed depends on Your mind set.
Build a Positive Mental Attitude, let your mind set be geared towards success.
Do not listen to People’s opinion about Who You are, What You Can do and What You will be.
Believe in Yourself when nobody does.
Many Great that ever existed were considered failures, losers, their situations was considered hopeless;
Napoleon Hill was considered to be a Hellion and a menace when He was a Young Boy.
Thomas Edison was called stupid and described as an Addle by His School mates and Class Teacher, apart from that, He failed more than one thousand times in His experiments.
Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years before He became a globally celebrated Hero.
Albert Einstein had speech problem at a young age and was unable to communicate effectively with His Peers.
These are all Great Men who despite all odds against them, they overcame their odds and became success stories.
Do not give up on life easily, success is sure, work your way to the top.
Do not allow your present situation to limit what You can achieve, every problem has an expiry date, do not lose focus as a result of your present situation, stay true to your dream conquer all obstacles and stay blessed.
Have a nice weekend.

Monday, 25 July 2016

The long journey ahead.

Never Give up
Until You die
Never relax
Until You have worked
Never say it is over
Until It is over
Never step out
Until You have planned
Never wake up
Until You have dreamed
Never say die
Until You try
Never You start a race
Until You are set
Never You rest
Until the work is done
Never You rejoice
Until the battle is won
Never Can You achieve
Until You go the extra miles
Never lose focus
Until You get the crown
Never You lead
Until You have Followers
Never You learn
Until You have an open mind
Never You move
Until You set a goal
Never You serve
Until You are humble
Never lose faith
Until You overcome
Never sit down
Until You have a good stand
Never relent
Until You achieve Your goal.
Never give up
Until You reach Your destination
Never look back
Until You cross the finish line
Never You quit
Until You become a winner.

The road to success is a long journey ahead that requires perseverance, resilience and positive mental attitude.

           “Life is short. Focus from this day forward
         On making a difference”