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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Life is a matter of two choices, either You are good or evil, malign or benign, benevolent or malevolent, on the right path or the wrong path, Right or wrong choice, it all depends on You. Nature have so much preconditioned our subconscious and cognitive mind in a fashionable manner that we are embedded with an ability to make choices to determine the outcome of our life and future. Which means that we are the architect of any present condition or situation we find Ourselves, not anybody else.
Life is not a matter of chance or luck but a matter of choices.
Any situation the world find itself in was as a result of choices and decisions made in the past.
Now the question suffice? “Are we VICTIMS OF FATE? “
Our fate is believed to be that inevitable occurrence that is bound to befall us no matter what. Nobody was predestined to be born with a unfortunate occurrence that is inevitable. The main reason why many have been at the mercy of faith was because they remain satisfy with their present situations, while others are ignorant of the fact that they have the power to determine how their life will be, many people were born into severely poor families, an average, negligent Individual will perceive this to be the fate of his family without realising the potential within and the power to change your fate. This is the reason why many Individuals will not be blamed for cutting links with their cultural and ancestral heritage because of some things or events that are passed down from generation to generation.
Many people's proposed fate project a life of misery and fear and it also blinds them from seeing the opportunity in store for them.
       You are subject to the choices You make and not your fate. Make the right choices, break the jinx, set the pace and see a positive outcome.

   Remember You are the sole author and script writer of your life, don’t allow another author or a Generalist belief or view to determine how your life and future will be. A popular Nigerian proverbs says;
     “To lie down resigned to fate is madness”
But there is only one fate which is inevitable and that will befall man, that has been recorded by history which is the climax of history, the day of final reckoning. They is the only fate that is set to befall man
        In conclusion, It is your choice to either remain as a Prisoner of Fate or You set a new course for your and make decisions concerning your life, after all it is the duty of any sane Human to make choices and to also take responsibility for those decisions either good or bad. Make the right decisions and escape the whims of “fate”.

Sunday, 11 September 2016


Ants are known to be one of the tiniest living Organisms, they possess some qualities which give them an edge over other living Organisms.

  1. Ants are good team players: When You observe ants, You hardly see an ant working or moving alone. Ants work together as a team to build the colony. Every team in the colony have their specific task which they collectively accomplish together. They all work together in defend in and building the colony, as well as scavenging for food. It takes a Group of ants to kill a cockroach.   "No man is an island, two heads are better than one. 
  2. Ants are Good time Managers: Ants are good time Managers because they spend their time wisely. There is time for working and a time for resting. " A time well spent is a future well assured and secured"
  3. Ants always plan Ahead: Ants are always good planners because they effectively plan their time wisely for the days of scarcity.  " He who fails to plan is planning to fail"
  4. Ants help and serve One Another:Ants assist any one of them injured or under attack by an enemy, ants also help each other in carrying food too heavy for a single ant to carry, Ants do not turn blind eye to the plight of their fellow ants, they watch out for each other.   "People helping one another can bring an elephant into the house"- Rwanda proverb
  5. Ants are hardworking: As small as an ant is, it has one of the highest work rate among living Organisms. Ants can travel with food up to 200 metre and they can do this up to ten times travelling the same distance.   " Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into Hardwork. 
  6. Ants are Organised and Disciplined: Ants are so organized that there is division of labour in a colony, there are the Soldiers that defend the colony, the builders that build the nest and the workers that go in search of food, they are also organized that there is effective communication system, either by leaving trails to a food source or by touching and emitting chemicals. Even when Group of ants are returning with food, they usually maintain a straight line. And they also have storage facilities in their Nests.   "With Self-discipline, almost anything is possible"
  7. Ants are Survivors: Ants have the ability to adapt and survive in any New or unfavorable Environment or under any condition. Despite the fact that ants are among the most smallest and most endangered Living Organisms, they have carved out and developed means to survive and dapt under difficult conditions.     "Life is all about survival of the fittest"
So today marks a remembrance of September 11, 2001, popularly known as 9/11.
On this day Passenger Airplanes were hijacked by a Terrorist Group believed to be Al Qaeda and they crashed in the World Trade Centre, The Pentagon and the last which was to crash in the Capitol state building crashed instead in a nearby field. Many lives were lost. The US and the whole world was in shock and Osama Bin Laden boasted to the world the strength of His new Terrorist Group.
After many years of the 9/11, how has the world fared in preventing terrorism?
How have we prevented another 9/11. How have we prevented the proliferation of terrorism.
Once again, RIP to the victims of 9/11 and their families.