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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Life is a matter of two choices, either You are good or evil, malign or benign, benevolent or malevolent, on the right path or the wrong path, Right or wrong choice, it all depends on You. Nature have so much preconditioned our subconscious and cognitive mind in a fashionable manner that we are embedded with an ability to make choices to determine the outcome of our life and future. Which means that we are the architect of any present condition or situation we find Ourselves, not anybody else.
Life is not a matter of chance or luck but a matter of choices.
Any situation the world find itself in was as a result of choices and decisions made in the past.
Now the question suffice? “Are we VICTIMS OF FATE? “
Our fate is believed to be that inevitable occurrence that is bound to befall us no matter what. Nobody was predestined to be born with a unfortunate occurrence that is inevitable. The main reason why many have been at the mercy of faith was because they remain satisfy with their present situations, while others are ignorant of the fact that they have the power to determine how their life will be, many people were born into severely poor families, an average, negligent Individual will perceive this to be the fate of his family without realising the potential within and the power to change your fate. This is the reason why many Individuals will not be blamed for cutting links with their cultural and ancestral heritage because of some things or events that are passed down from generation to generation.
Many people's proposed fate project a life of misery and fear and it also blinds them from seeing the opportunity in store for them.
       You are subject to the choices You make and not your fate. Make the right choices, break the jinx, set the pace and see a positive outcome.

   Remember You are the sole author and script writer of your life, don’t allow another author or a Generalist belief or view to determine how your life and future will be. A popular Nigerian proverbs says;
     “To lie down resigned to fate is madness”
But there is only one fate which is inevitable and that will befall man, that has been recorded by history which is the climax of history, the day of final reckoning. They is the only fate that is set to befall man
        In conclusion, It is your choice to either remain as a Prisoner of Fate or You set a new course for your and make decisions concerning your life, after all it is the duty of any sane Human to make choices and to also take responsibility for those decisions either good or bad. Make the right decisions and escape the whims of “fate”.

Sunday, 11 September 2016


Ants are known to be one of the tiniest living Organisms, they possess some qualities which give them an edge over other living Organisms.

  1. Ants are good team players: When You observe ants, You hardly see an ant working or moving alone. Ants work together as a team to build the colony. Every team in the colony have their specific task which they collectively accomplish together. They all work together in defend in and building the colony, as well as scavenging for food. It takes a Group of ants to kill a cockroach.   "No man is an island, two heads are better than one. 
  2. Ants are Good time Managers: Ants are good time Managers because they spend their time wisely. There is time for working and a time for resting. " A time well spent is a future well assured and secured"
  3. Ants always plan Ahead: Ants are always good planners because they effectively plan their time wisely for the days of scarcity.  " He who fails to plan is planning to fail"
  4. Ants help and serve One Another:Ants assist any one of them injured or under attack by an enemy, ants also help each other in carrying food too heavy for a single ant to carry, Ants do not turn blind eye to the plight of their fellow ants, they watch out for each other.   "People helping one another can bring an elephant into the house"- Rwanda proverb
  5. Ants are hardworking: As small as an ant is, it has one of the highest work rate among living Organisms. Ants can travel with food up to 200 metre and they can do this up to ten times travelling the same distance.   " Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into Hardwork. 
  6. Ants are Organised and Disciplined: Ants are so organized that there is division of labour in a colony, there are the Soldiers that defend the colony, the builders that build the nest and the workers that go in search of food, they are also organized that there is effective communication system, either by leaving trails to a food source or by touching and emitting chemicals. Even when Group of ants are returning with food, they usually maintain a straight line. And they also have storage facilities in their Nests.   "With Self-discipline, almost anything is possible"
  7. Ants are Survivors: Ants have the ability to adapt and survive in any New or unfavorable Environment or under any condition. Despite the fact that ants are among the most smallest and most endangered Living Organisms, they have carved out and developed means to survive and dapt under difficult conditions.     "Life is all about survival of the fittest"
So today marks a remembrance of September 11, 2001, popularly known as 9/11.
On this day Passenger Airplanes were hijacked by a Terrorist Group believed to be Al Qaeda and they crashed in the World Trade Centre, The Pentagon and the last which was to crash in the Capitol state building crashed instead in a nearby field. Many lives were lost. The US and the whole world was in shock and Osama Bin Laden boasted to the world the strength of His new Terrorist Group.
After many years of the 9/11, how has the world fared in preventing terrorism?
How have we prevented another 9/11. How have we prevented the proliferation of terrorism.
Once again, RIP to the victims of 9/11 and their families.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Change is a state of the mind
Change begins when you are ready,
Change begins when we are set,
To rid our minds off the old ways and habits,
When we are ready and willing to learn from our mistakes
And face the consequences of our past misdeeds.
When we learn from the past
And chart a course for the future

Change is not when we remain docile,
And expect things or events to unfold.
Change is not when play the blame game
Change is not when we do the same thing,
And expect a different result
Change is not when we cry
When we havehave not  tried
Change is not a mere rhetoric,
Change is an action
Change is not when we spend
While we have not earned
Change is not when we sleep
And expect a leap

Change comes with pains and toils
Change comes with challenging and high demands
For there is no gain without pain
Change is sacrificing for a common good
Change comes with the right
And positive mental attitude
Change is not far away
Change is right in front of You,
You have but a step between You and change.
Change begins with You
Each step you take
Sets You on the path of change
Until You are right,
Your world will remain wrong
Until You work on Yourself,
You will never see change.

Change is possible
Only when You deem it so
Your world will never change,
Your society will never change
Your friends will never change
Until You change.
Change is an action
Change is an attitude
Change is learning
Change is the adoption of a new approach to life.
Change begins with a drastic revolution.
Change is a mental state of mind
Change is a resolve to experience something new
Change begins with You
Change is a deviation from the normal and conventional way of doing things.
You are the change you have been waiting for

Happy new month, welcome to a September to remember.

                                By: David Adejumo

Friday, 26 August 2016

Good evening friends,
Read this wonderful piece from one of Bowen's talented writer, who also happens to be an Entrepreneur and an ALUMNI of the Department of History and International Relations, Bowen University.
Read and learn alot.

                   We are Royalty
We are the kings that don’t have a crown boldly seated
 on the top of our heads, but we have a heart that is wild
and brave enough to rule over our dispriviledges,
we have made the world our palace.
And have built our throne untop  our misfortunes.
We possess the aura of kingship,
We breathe the air of supreme divination ,
We may not wear crowns, but our permanent rule is guaranteed,
We are free spirited,  we either find a way or we make our way

We may not be  bounded by Royal ethics , laws and doctrines,
But our pride is rested in our morals, and the ethics of right and wrong
This our law, we carry our heads high, and gracefully fight for our own
Chambers in this large palace, we dance to our tunes,  as we are pleased.

We are the kings that don’t have staffs to accompany us wherever we go,
Neither do we have lasting beads worn across our wrists and neck
We wear our pride and our shamelessness helps to maneuver
 and breakthrough the walls of hunger.

Only the wild ones will survive,
 our teeth are sharp enough to supply our needs accordingly,
and our hands are  strong enough to till and toil to ensure our daily survival,
regardless the peril in the woods that seeks to invade our kingdom.

We are royalty, we will only bow to whoever we choose to,
The Golden fish has no hiding place,
Therefore, we know that someday, our crown will be visible to the world
Because we are Royalty.

                                                                                                               By: AdeyemiAdeyinka.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Read this mind blowing wriite up from an inspired soul.
I wasn’t born like this, shackles and scars as adornment. No i was born as You were. Tears of joy amid sweats. A strong mother held me close to Her bosom, while a proud father stared at me in awe. I was born to live just as You do. To rule and reign just like You do. Why should i pay for the sins of selfish and wicked capitalists in time past, who in their greedy myopic and twisted minds turned the future of an entire race around by making the Predecessors into slaves. Dragged across seas, they germinated a single seed of this devilish idea into a global strong hold of racial injustice and societal stereotype.
Today the shackles and chains no longer hang around my neck, but the mental slavery persists. You see my hair as been unruly and dirty, while you see my skin as inferior and second class. And yet You blame my aggression and condemn my insolence.
Sorry for not being sorry, but it is either fight or be oppressed.
Till my voice is heard in your corridors and chambers, till my skin regains its glory in your sight, i will not stop, i will not relent, I will not rest till the mental shackles are lifted, and my race reigns.
Written by Peter Omotosho

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Time is the most priceless but yet one of the most wasted asset on Earth. Time is the only asset that is gifted to every man equally, both old and young, man and woman, adult or children, rich or poor, handicapped and even animals have equal amount of time in a day. But the way you utilize the time gifted You determines the kind and level of results, goals and heights You will achieve and attain in life.
Time management is life management, the better You spend and manage your time, the better Your life becomes. Time is an asset must utilize daily to produce profitable results.
The Earth is programed in such a way that there is time for everything, the more you take control of your time, the more you gain control of your life.
To take control of your life, you have to work with time. You cannot work against or without time or else your life will be disorganized and out of order.
Time is what we want most, but we spend worst and waste. All great men of history all had the same 24 hours we have, but how they utilized their time reflected in their achievements. The way you spend your time will reflect in your achievements or results.
Time waits for no one, which is why it is advisable for you to choose who you spend your time with or what you spend your time doing. If you spend your time with a slow and sluggish time waster, you will achieve less, don’t be patient with time wasters because time is not patient with you. What You also spend your time doing will determine your level of success. Don’t spend your time in needless socializing, non profitable conversation. Let every minute count because once every minute counts, the hours will take care of themselves. Know one thing that time flies and you are the pilot, you determine the flight of your time.
Procrastination is the greatest enemy of our time, it is in our habit as Humans to postpone what can be done now to tomorrow. The more you procrastinate, the more you miss a  lifetime opportunity.
“Procrastination is the foundation of all disasters” – Pandom Poikilos
Utilize your leisure and idle time, leisure time is  just an additional time for you to produce results, to relax, rethink and refuel. Leisure time is a time for you  to learn and come out with great ideas. Use your leisure and idle time profitably.
Finally, there is time for everything under the sun, a time to sleep and a time to work. Don’t use the time meant for relaxation to work and vice versa. Don’t do the right thing at the wrong time or the wrong thing at the right time.
Time waits for no man, use your time wisely and emerge a champion.
Remember, every time that cannot be accounted for is a wasted time.
Make every time accountable.
      “Every time spent wrongly is an opportunity wasted”

Monday, 15 August 2016


The history of mankind has been driven by  traditions, culture, beliefs, laws and theories, some unnecessary and inappropriate in this current trend of globalization.
Until we lay off and discard some of the laws, theories, tradition and beliefs established in the past, we will never advance beyond where we are right now.
We have to wonder why the western world has advanced and is still advancing more than Africa. We were told that Africa was the “birthplace of civilization”,  can Africa still proudly say that today, what happened to the “birthplace of civilization”?  Why is the development gap between Africa and the western world so wide?   Is it even possible for Africa to catch up. It is commonly believed in the west in the past and even up to today that Africa is about 200 years behind civilization, they believe Africa is far lagging behind. Lord Luggard was not far from the truth when he said “Africans are lovers of music, dance, culture and tradition, they clinge so tight to their culture and beliefs and they are short sighted, they have no plan for the future”.
I found the answer to all these countless questions, we Africans are too relaxed and we clinge so tight to our culture and beliefs laid down by our ancestors, we never care to know where, when and why such traditions were made. We need to wake up.
How can Africans still be charging and collecting bride price in the 21st century, to me it sounds like selling your daughter with a price, marriage and love is a thing of the heart and not a trading transaction, but Africans have turned marriage to a business, where the parents and relatives of the daughter or bride extort their In-Laws to be, marriage is now a business Enterprise. Where, why and when was The act of paying bride price formulated? This is the reason why most men see their wives as their properties.
In the 21st century, where the role of girls and women in the development of the society is considered very important, some Africans still treat women as unequal, this belief has truncated the future of many intelligent and bright young women and girls, many girls are deprived of education and instead they are reserved to the kitchen and sold off for marriage. Statistics have shown that women that are privileged to be educated usually perform better than their male counterparts in every facet of the society, we can even draw examples like Margaret Thatcher (The Iron Lady), Sirleaf Johnsn, Malala , a very young female Activist from Pakistan fighting for Girls and women rights all over the world. There are more and more women like that proving beyond reasonable doubts that the role of women in the development of the society cannot be over emphasized. We should discard that belief that see women as second class citizens and as the properties of their husbands, women are not properties.
Africa is still so lagging in civilization that we believe and relax because of what we told and taught that it was our colonial masters that caused our present predicaments, that it was Europe that under developed Africa, how true is that? It was not only Africa that was colonized, was USA not colonized?, India was also colonized, Britain that colonized Us were colonized by the Saxons, so why is Africa's case different?  Most Europeans left Africa before the discovery of most of our resources and they even laid down good Institutions for Africa, in aspect of religion, education and health Institutions. So what convincing reason can we give?
Africans are the architects of their own present under development.
Albert Einstein had to discard Isaac Newton's law of nature and created His which is still in use today, Martin Luther had to lead a Reformation against the church to free Christianity from some old and baseless beliefs and traditions.
Though i am not discarding the importance of history to Man's development, but history should not hold us back or determine Our future advancement.
We Africans are generally lazy to study, understand and digest our history, culture, traditions, beliefs, laws and theories talk less of  breaking them and creating new ones. Remember You have to study the rules very well so You can break them and create new ones.
We are too relax and satisfied with what was laid down for us by the past generations, we have to break the jinx and determine our own development, advancement and progress. Let the past be the past and let's work for future development, the only thing that is constant in life is change.
I stand to be corrected
Have a lovely week ahead.

"You cannot do the same thing and expect a different result"

Friday, 12 August 2016


He woke up earlier than His wife  which was quite unusual, because His wife normally wakes up earlier than Him and it became so strange that When He tried to wake her up, his hand passed through, he thought it was a dream until He was astonished standing in front of His lifeless body, He wondered why He was awake and His body was in the bed but it never occurred to him that  He was dead, He was still thinking whether it was a dream or He was under a spell, yet still He tried to open the door thinking His wife will wake up, but his hand passed through, this again surprised Him and he waited patiently until his wife tried to wake his lifeless body, but all to no avail. He called to her; “Honey am awake, look at me standing right next to You”, but she seemed not to be answering, this again surprised Him, he shouted and shouted but still no reply. It was when His wife broke the news to the children that He was dead that he now realized that He was gone, he was now history. Later that day, sympathizers and family members trooped in crying and panting, He thought of what will happen to all his wealth, what He had worked for all His life, his wife and children, who will marry his beautiful wife and take care of his children. He cried, shouted, He begged to be given back his life, but there was no reply, He was in a lonely world alone, no friends, no family and no colleagues. He had reached the climax of his life, he was now history and He had crossed to the great beyond, he was empty just like the way he came to the world, he was without anything, he had always thought his wealth, power and influence will be forever, he believed not in divine providence, His power, influence and wealth made him seem like a god and an immortal, but they all had vanished. He was now in another world, “Life after death” All the noise, hustle and bustle of the world was now gone, soon after spending some time roaming around the world lonely, He now set out on a long, narrow and lonely journey to the great beyond.... . ................

Life is a gift, cherish it and use it judiciously, because the person that gave You the gift can decide to take his property and give it to another, live a life that You will be proud of, but remember, the things of the world are temporary, they will soon vanish. Have an ultimate goal of having a lasting peace after death.
      “If You have nothing to live for,
        You are like a dead man”

Thursday, 11 August 2016


There is the story of a man, after working and acquiring so much wealth, power and influence, he had all the academic degrees You could think of, He was handsome and He married a beautiful Wife, He and His family lived in a big comfortable house and they rode one of the latest and most expensive cars in town, He was fulfilled and had achieved all His childhood dreams of becoming a wonderful CEO of a very big Multinational Company, He had a Bachelors degree, a MBA and a PHD degree,  He had everything He always wanted, The world indeed was at his feet and fingertips.
 This Man enjoyed life to the fullest, He thought He was immortal, He thought His wealth and riches will live with Him forever, He was carried away by all His possessions.
 One day, when He arrived from His normal business trips, He settled at Home, had a wonderful dinner with His family and they all planned and discussed about where they will travel to for their summer vacation, the plan was already in place, and they all went to bed as usual. But something unusual happened around 1:00AM in the middle of the night........  ...................
To be continued.

Monday, 8 August 2016

The problem of Africa is leadership, until Africa is governed by Young, vibrant, determined and passionate Youths, with vision, goals and aspirations, Africa will never progress. Africa have suffered long years of misrule, it is popularly said that with age comes wisdom, but in Africa with age comes corruption, vendetta and fight for power. When Young people take control of the helms of leadership, there is sure to be progress and not dormancy and stagnation. Old people will always look for old ways of doing things while Young People will always look for new ways of doing old things. That is the difference between Old and Young people.
Lets support Every Young man or woman vying for any elective or non elective post in Africa, lets support the movement, Youths are the Rescue Agents of Africa. Africa will be great again.
Support #NotTooYoungToRun. In all social media platforms.


Good morning Everyone, its indeed a glamorous new week, we took a week break to refresh Ourselves, but we are back with exclusive words, thoughts and sayings from wise Men. Enjoy and stay blessed, don't only read, understand and get inspired.

Humility is an act and virtue Anyone aiming for the top of the ladder must possess. Anyone wishing to scale new heights must be humble.
We all love to pride on our achievements and what we can do, But with humility, You don't need to announce Yourself before You become celebrated. Your achievements will speak for You and not your words because words without actions or evidence is nothing. Your achievements are the evidence You have to make You announced.
Humble People are those who are at the top of the ladder but always want to be at the bottom of the ladder to help others rise. That is an irony of life. The more You bring Yourself low, the more You rise to the top and scale new heights.
Humility comes in different forms;
Apologising even when You are wrong
Serving others even when You have servants and Helpers
Volunteering for a greater cause.
Helping others even when You have so little.
Shutting up even when You have achieved something worthwhile.
Smiling always even to those You know or You don't know.
Relating with Everyone both at the bottom, middle and top of the ladder.
If You humble Yourself, You will be lifted up. Don't be full of Yourself, unless You will be reduced to nothing.
We rise to the top by humility and lifting Others while we fall to the ground by shunning Others and harbouring pride.
Great Men always rise to the top by serving others.
True humility is not thinking less of Yourself, it is thinking of Yourself less.
Don't boast in your ability or what You have or possess because what You think You can do, countless People can do it much more better than You or What You think You have, countless people have much more than You.
Do not strive to announce Yourself Anywhere You are becausebecause nature will announce You. A lion does not need to roar before its presence is noticed. Nature takes its course on a humble person by announcing that person. A humble Person is a noble Person in disguise

Ralph Waldo Emerson said;
A Great man is always willing to be little. 
Albert Einstein the greatest Physcist and one of the greatest Genius that ever lived admitted that He was nothing and He knew nothing.
Humility makes You realise that What You are or what You have is just a function of chance and privilege, not because its your right or You deserve it.
When You are humble, You control your thoughts because Our thoughts can be the birthplace of pride. So control your thoughts and tame your words. Let Your action tell Your story and not your word.
Thomas Merton said;
Pride makes Us artificial and humility makes us real and natural
Stay humble and You rumble to the top.
One last thing is that;
Pride goes before a fall, while humility comes before You rise.

Have a nice week, stay humble, stay loyal and rise to the top.

Friday, 29 July 2016

The Uncommon Drive to succeed

Just because You are considered a failure today, does not mean You will not succeed tomorrow.
Just because You were born in penury does not mean You cannot become a billionaire tomorrow.
Just because You failed today does not mean You are failure.
Just because You are Nobody today, does not mean You will not be a Somebody tomorrow.
Just because People rejected You does not mean they will not appreciate and accept You tomorrow.
Just because Your today is meaningless does not mean Your tomorrow will not be meaningful.
Just because You are considered a dullard does not mean You are dull.
Just because You were scorned and mocked does not mean You will not be celebrated.
Just because You are loser today does not mean You will not be a winner tomorrow.
Just because Your condition is hopeless today does not mean there is no way out.
Success is a state of mind, the ability to succeed depends on Your mind set.
Build a Positive Mental Attitude, let your mind set be geared towards success.
Do not listen to People’s opinion about Who You are, What You Can do and What You will be.
Believe in Yourself when nobody does.
Many Great that ever existed were considered failures, losers, their situations was considered hopeless;
Napoleon Hill was considered to be a Hellion and a menace when He was a Young Boy.
Thomas Edison was called stupid and described as an Addle by His School mates and Class Teacher, apart from that, He failed more than one thousand times in His experiments.
Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years before He became a globally celebrated Hero.
Albert Einstein had speech problem at a young age and was unable to communicate effectively with His Peers.
These are all Great Men who despite all odds against them, they overcame their odds and became success stories.
Do not give up on life easily, success is sure, work your way to the top.
Do not allow your present situation to limit what You can achieve, every problem has an expiry date, do not lose focus as a result of your present situation, stay true to your dream conquer all obstacles and stay blessed.
Have a nice weekend.

Monday, 25 July 2016

The long journey ahead.

Never Give up
Until You die
Never relax
Until You have worked
Never say it is over
Until It is over
Never step out
Until You have planned
Never wake up
Until You have dreamed
Never say die
Until You try
Never You start a race
Until You are set
Never You rest
Until the work is done
Never You rejoice
Until the battle is won
Never Can You achieve
Until You go the extra miles
Never lose focus
Until You get the crown
Never You lead
Until You have Followers
Never You learn
Until You have an open mind
Never You move
Until You set a goal
Never You serve
Until You are humble
Never lose faith
Until You overcome
Never sit down
Until You have a good stand
Never relent
Until You achieve Your goal.
Never give up
Until You reach Your destination
Never look back
Until You cross the finish line
Never You quit
Until You become a winner.

The road to success is a long journey ahead that requires perseverance, resilience and positive mental attitude.

           “Life is short. Focus from this day forward
         On making a difference”

Tuesday, 19 July 2016


You were born with a great gift
A unique and rare treasure
You were born with a lot of potentials
You were full of promise
Much expectations were on You
Many looked up to You
Many expected the emergence of a giant
The gift You were given
Was for the betterment of humanity
Was for changing lives
Was for solving problems
Was for impacting lives
Was for inspiring and motivating those around
Was to be used to serve others
Was to be used to inspire souls
The gift was to be used
In love
In harmony
In a kind and good heart
To help the poor and less privileged.
To inspire lives
To unleash other potentials like You
You started your journey quite well
You used your gift well initially
You helped the poor
You inspired souls
You unleashed many giants
You brought smile to many faces
Soon enough
You became well respected and loved
You were celebrated by many
Your gift indeed made You a Hero
You were looked up to as a mentor
Your life became a model for others
But soon enough things began to change
A new Enemy set in
This same Enemy has destroyed many great men
Before You
You welcomed this new enemy
You were ignorant of its destructive ability
Your attitude changed
You distant Yourselves from the Poor and Less privileged
You gained so much power and influence
The power corrupted You
You became a dictator
Rather than a servant
You deviated from serving
You became a commander
You were rarely seen
Many cried to You for help
But you turned deaf ears
That new enemy diminished your influence
People distant themselves from You
You oppressed the poor
People were dying but you cared no more
You set about selling your gift
To the rich and wealthy
You entertained the rich
While the poor suffered
Your focus shifted from man to money
Your influence diminished rapidly
He who gave you the gift
Was angry and disappointed
He regretted giving you the gift
The deed has been done
Sooner than expected
You were dying
But no one cared
Suddenly you lost the gift
Some one else replaced You
That enemy rejoiced
As it has finally destroyed a life
A potential
A giant who was brought down
The enemy was successful
It destroyed your life and destiny
It truncated your purpose
We should all avoid this enemy
Its name is PRIDE

Sunday, 17 July 2016


Another major prerequisite for emerging a champion is to embrace and face your fears. Look fear straight in the eyes and overcome it. We all have our fears which may be fear of failure, fear of taking risks and fear of never trying something new. Every Human Being is afraid of something, we all have our fears but it is only Champions that sum up the courage and face their fears.
Many people are afraid of trying something new, or charting a new course, we all love to stick to the status quo or remain in our comfort zone. Only Champions can sum up the courage to venture into the Unknown.
The fear of taking risk is another type of fear. People are scared of trying things in which success is not assured. Taking calculated Risk is better than taking unnecessary risk. Taking Calculative risk sets you on the path of becoming a champion. One thing with taking risk is that you never achieve a win/win situation, rather you achieve a win/loose situation and your chances of emerging victorious is 50/50.
Another type of fear is fear of rejection, nobody wants to be rejected and ridiculed by people or the public, everybody loves to be appreciated. But the truth is that it is impossible to please or to be accepted by everyone, not everybody are happy that You are champion, not everybody are happy that You are succeeding while they are failing, after all they never know what You have been through to become a champion. Shun those who reject You and work with those who accept and appreciate You. Never make rejection cause depression for You, after all that is the nature of Humans and the world we live in nobody can be fully accepted by Everyone no matter how good You are.
Fear of failure occurs when people fail to act based on their fear of failing. But failure is an inevitable and necessary part of success, not an opposite of success as it is popularly believed by many. Faith is the opposite of fear. He who has faith can always overcome fear. Many Great Men that ever lived were  great failures like Thomas Edison who was one of the greatest Inventors of all time described Himself as one of the greatest failures of all time, He said He failed 1000 times.
       “in becoming a Champion, failure is inevitable “
Fear has two meanings which are;
F- Face
R- Rise
  “our greatest glory is not in never falling,
  But rising anytime we fall”- Confucious
According to Franklin Roosevelt, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
He who fears to fail is a failure already
If you do not do the things You fear, the fear controls your life.
Don’t allow fear to limit what You can achieve, there is a treasure at the other side of fear overcome fear and become a champion today.

Violent Extremism is becoming a major cause of concern in the world today especially in Africa. These so called Extremists have claimed many lives, they kill innocent citizens all because they want to exert their religious rights to the detriment of others.
Over the last two months in Nigeria, Muslim Extremists have killed many Christians all because they are fighting for their religion, first it was in Kano where an innocent Trader told some muslim men to stop praying in front of her shop which she paid for and this angered the muslims in that market who attacked, killed and slaughtered her neck like a goat. This is the highest order of barbarism and savagery. She has right as the owner of her shop to chase out any unwanted visitor but this is was not okay with the Extremists who felt that they have right to pray and perform their religious rites anywhere. That is so absurd.
The Kano incident was still all over the news when we heard of the murder of yet another Christian woman who was preaching and doing her early morning evangelism somewhere in Abuja and yet these Extremists were not comfortable with this and it warranted for her murder. She was brutally butchered like a stock fish and these people have no remorse. After all, she has her freedom of speech and expression. If she was disturbing them, they should have reported her to the relevant Authorities and not by taking laws into their hands. This is so disheartening.
Another report also summoned of some muslim youths numbering about 200 who attacked, scattered and destroyed a Catholic church because it held  service on friday which was an official praying day for muslims. This made these Extremists to scatter and destroy a church. Because friday is your prayer day does not stop others from practising their religion on that day.
That is not all, one can even recall the various sharia riots that took place in kaduna in 2001, 2002 where many Christians lost their lives, even in Jos the same trend is happening.
These violent Extremism is also a Global phenomenon as the activities of various terrorist Groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Boko Haram attest to this. One can trace the foundation of all these madness to the 1804 so called Sokoto Jihad in which Othman Danfodio championed.
With all these facts on ground, Nobody can convince that islam is not a radical religion, we have heard continuous talks from muslim clerics who claim that islam is a peaceful religion but yet people are killed daily in the name of Allah, churches are destroyed, christians are killed daily, even in the World at large, Christian Nations are attacked daily, check out the latest Terrorist attack in Nice France which led to the loss of 84 lives.
The most intriguing fact to note is that upon all these attacks, christians hardly retaliate, they continually fall victims of Extremist attack. Can we  just imagine how the world will become if christians decide to retaliate, if they decide to form Christian terrorist Organization, the world will simply become a theatre of war where there will be no victor or vanquish.
I strongly appeal to all muslim Clerics and faithfuls Worldwide, that if you wnaat to really convinve me tha Islam is a peaceful religion, then look for a way to stop all these acts of Extremism, preach to all ypur fellow muslim brothers and sisters to stop fighting fof Allah and that if Allah is trupy a god, He shoupd fight for himslef and not act cowardly.

Thursday, 14 July 2016


Dream Big!!!!!  In whatever you do in life, never stop dreaming. 
Set goals that might look impossible to achieve at the present dispensation and strive to achieve. 
Work towards achieving your dreams, let your mind set be on that dream. 
       “Every dream you achieve today qualifies You for 
       a yet bigger dream”- David Adejumo
Set short term, medium term and long term goals and dream towards achieving them because every dream works with timing. We all know Leicester City a recently promoted team to the top flight of the English Premiere League, they had an initial goal of sealing their place in the top flight, and when that was achieved, they now set a more bigger goal of finishing in the top 4 and when top 4 was sure for them, they now set their eyes on the trophy and they worked towards it. In all this, they had an initial dream of winning the league and they achieved it. Their victory and success was like a fairy tale to the whole world. 
If you achieve a dream, whether long term or short term, set another goal and move on, strive to achieve it. 
     “The achievement of one goal should be the starting 
      Point of another” – Alexander Graham Bell
Dr Martin Luther King's famous “I have a dream” speech was a dream He had for the future, a passion he carried in him and today that dream is a reality. 
    A Nigerian proverb says:
“Thoughts and dreams are the foundation of 
Our Being”
A man without a dream or goal is like a dead man. If your purpose of waking up or living Life is not yet known, then go back to sleep. A man without a dream or goal is not better off than a dead person, A walking dead, a confused Being with no sense of reality. 
D. Elder says;
“Dreamers look into the future and see promise. 
Those who do not dream only see the future”
Dream Big!!!!!  Let your dream look bigger than who you are presently or what you are capable of achieving. 
Let your dreams and goals look impossible so that you will do the impossible to achieve them. 
“Never underestimate your dreams, instead overestimate them because every dream is a prediction into the future for all those 
Who care to believe and work towards them”- David Adejumo
Be a champion and dream big, never stop dreaming because it is  a top secret of champions. 
Dreaming is the process of creating a positive mental picture of how the future will be. Create a positive mental picture today, dream big and be a champion.  

Wednesday, 13 July 2016


A Hero is someone who has achieved a great feat, who is celebrated and appreciated for His/ Her effort in doing something good in the society, someone who has done something that is worth remembering. Heroes are seen as important people who many look up to and are inspired by the great feat they have or had achieved.
We all consider different category of people as our heroes, many consider Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Architects, Politicians, Activists, Soldiers, Accountants, Sport Personalities and even musician as Heroes.
  We see these people as our heroes who did little or nothing to make us who we are or who we will become, they only make efforts for their own personal and economic gains and for their own development and yet we still look up to them as heroes. But there are some exceptions, men like Martin Luther, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi of India, the heroes of Nigeria’s nationality were heroes indeed and even some Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Scientists, e.t. c were also heroes who did something for the good of mankind.
We often despise who the real heroes are: those who have been a part of our lives for about 20 or more years teaching, nurturing and impacting knowledge in Us, they have gone beyond all doubts and planted good seeds in us . Just like the old Guinea proverb which says: “knowledge is like a garden: if it is not cultivated, it. Cannot be harvested “
These uncelebrated heroes have been forgotten and despised by who they have developed and nurtured, they are not considered as anything. Many of us easily forget our roots and we forget that our teachers are part of the root in our lives, when we were dull, they encouraged and taught us, they stood for hours daily teaching, influencing and ensuring a bright future for us and yet we count them us nothing. Knowledge is power indeed because he who has knowledge is a valuable asset that cannot be easily disposed. I even love this great African Proverb which says;
           “True teaching is not accumulation of knowledge; it is an awakening of      consciousness”
Many of our Teachers have reawaken our minds and reminded us of who we truly are, they have unleashed the potentials in us, of course knowledge is better than riches, he who has knowledge, has authority.
How successful you are in life depends on the foundation laid for you by your teacher, good teachers are hard to come by, so appreciate your teachers for where you are today and the knowledge they imparted in you.
Having a future ambition of becoming a teacher nowadays is seen as a waste of money and time, many perceive teachers to be third class or average citizens but they might not be wealthy physical but they have the greatest asset that most of us don’t have, which is knowledge even our holy book commanded us that knowledge is the principal thing, therefore in all our gettings, get knowledge. This is why they have the most  priceless and most valuable asset on Earth.
I strongly believe that Teachers are the real heroes, because a hero is someone who helps others to rise, who sacrifices for others, who influences and inspires, who helps to win and who help others rise to greatness, Teachers are the True uncelebrated heroes indeed, they are a gift to humanity.

Monday, 11 July 2016


  • Leadership is not an easy task, many people perceive leaders to be those who are privilege and above others. But that is just a myopic view of leadership. Leaders go through rigorous pains, sacrifices, discipline and hardwork just to please those they serve. But yet they are not appreciated we quickly find faults in their slightest mistakes to criticise and insult them. Someone once said that "leadership is hardwork". A lazy person can never be a leader. Leaders experience pains and sacrifice alot. 
  • Leaders are lonely people
  • Many decisions are left to them when it comes to certain things and situations
  • Leaders have no one to help them when they encounter difficult situations, but they are obliged to help their followers when they need help
  • They have no one to share their problems with. Sharing their problems makes people perceive them as weak. 
  • Leaders cannot voice out their fears openly. After all, a Leader is meant to allay the fears of His followers and not to express His own fears. Many followers think that their leaders are fearless, but any honest leader will tell you about real things that ravage his mind on a daily basis. 
  • A Leader barely has time to rest. 
  • A leader is rarely seen or heard because he is always in search of solutions and new ideas
  • A leader often bears the responsibilities for any defeat, failure, delay and setbacks. But when there is victory everybody is credited. 
  • When people sleep for 8 hours, a leader rarely has a good night sleep. Because it is in the night that every successful battle is fought and won. 
  • A leader rarely has time for his personal affairs as he is more concerned about dispensing his official duty. 
  • A Leader always puts in the extra effort, he has to be one step ahead. 
  • Leaders are very often prone to stress related illness
  • Leaders are most of the time set apart from the crowd, when the crowd is going right, a leader is compelled to go left. A leader rarely has time to hang out or socialize
  • A leader carries his cross alone and pay for the sins and mistakes of his follower. 
  • Leader goes through the burden of self discipline, it takes discipline to sleep very late and wake up very early. 
  • Leaders are easy target for the enemies. They are easily exposed to danger. 
Leaders are sometimes forced to take some hard, difficult but necessary decisions which hurts many people. 
The next time You see a Leader, appreciate him/her and support them any way possible, pray for them. Because it is not easy been a leader. Put Yourself in the shoes ofaleader and You will forever appreciate their effort. 

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Is it a sin to be black?

Right from time blacks have been victims of discrimination, violence, stigmatization and oppression as well as suppression. Blacks are seen as aliens, as strange, lazy set of apes with no meaningful development. The labour and struggle of Black heroes like Martin Luther King Junior, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley and many more who have fought tirelessly for the emancipation of the black race is now in vain especially in a Country like the United States where many blacks have lost their lives in recent days by unrepentant Policemen who do not believe in racial equality. The Dallas shootings, Police harassment of various black men, even in the UK, harassment of blacks is now becoming a global issue and what has been done to stop this harassment?  
Life is becoming unbearable for many blacks in the United States that claims to be a Democratic Nation indeed.
They accuse Blacks as unproductive and dull animals and yet the America music and entertainment Industry that contributes a chunk of the Nation's budget is dominated by Blacks, even Black students who school in America are known to perform better than the white students.
Africa is so unique and rich that most of our artefacts were stolen and now sits in their museums, we are so rich that many there are influx of many whites to Africa annually either to explore our resources or to come for tourism purpose. They admire our rich cultural heritage.
The truth is that if Blacks should leave the US, a huge revenue will be lost by the United States, even in the world of sports, blacks have dominated many sports especially football, celebrated players like Samuel Eto, Didier Drogba, Thiery Henry, Jay Jay Okocha, Kanu Nwankwo, Paul Pogba and many more are all blacks, Serena Williams is a black, Tiger Woods is a black, Floyd Mayweather is a black, Muhammad Ali the greatest is a black, will Smith is a black and many more. The last time i checked even the US President is a black. But i know the cause of all these anti-black sentiments, i can boldy point accusing fingers at Donald Trump a Presidential aspirant for the Republican Party in the forthcoming Election, who has taken a tough stance against immigrants and blacks especially, even when he was interviewed after the Dallas shooting, he never condemned the harassment rather he said that an attack on US Police Official is an attack on the country. We don’t need a Prophet to tell us that Donald Trump supporters are the major propagators of this attacks on blacks. The world is watching, Blacks all over the world in Africa and the Caribbean are watching. We need to unite as one race and stop these hateful attcaks and harassment, we need to come together as blacks all over the world and support our fellow blacks in the United States becuase without the blacks, the wolrd will be a lonely boring place.
If this anti-black sentiment do not stop, the US will be gearing towards another war.

Thursday, 7 July 2016


They are found everywhere
They go any length
To get what they want
They are driven by their greed and selfish interest
They abound in our churches
They are found in the mosque
You find them in our schools
They are found in our government
They dine with you in the open
While they covertly ruin you
They smile and dance with you in the public
While they backstab you in private
They use you for their own interest
While they dump you in time of storms
Their loyalty is questionable
They owe allegiance to everybody
While they are loyal to nobody

In our religious centres
Sycophants make the religious centres their habitation
When they are in need
They look up to the clerics
Expecting a miracle
When they get their heart desire
You see them no more
Our clerics are not left out
Some of them host and praise bad leaders
They refrain from telling the truth
They say what delights you
They decree false prophecies
Your pocket and fame is their target
They get richer
While you loose your integrity and soul

In our schools
Sycophants stick by you always
In times of exams and tests
You become their best friends
They only wish to use you and dump you
Your brain is their target

In our political system
Sycophants are in abundant
They follow you
Praising you when you do bad
Campaigning for you
In return they get political appointments and are enriched
They give you false advise and ideas
They suggest bad policies
All in a bid to please you and earn your trust
They chastise and persecute those who say the truth

When you are rich
Sycophants glue to you
When the going is good
You have many friends
When trouble comes
When trial comes
They all forsake you
If you have nothing to offer
You are regarded as a nobody
If you have something to offer
You are powerful, important and well respected

We ourselves as Humans
We encourage sycophancy
Because it is in our nature
To always be happy and pleased
We love to be flattered
We hate to hear the truth
Because the truth is like a snake bite
Sycophants are plague in our society
Sycophancy is an unnecessary evil
Sycophants slow down development in our society
They are the problem of the world
They are the devil in disguise.

                         QUOTE OF THE DAY
“short as life is, we make it still shorter
By the careless waste of time” – Victor Hugo

Tuesday, 5 July 2016


A lion's roar can be heard five miles away.
1. Make yourself heard
“Unless a tortoise stick its head out of its shell, it can never go anywhere”
Lions are very social animals, they form and move in Groups called pride so as to ensure mutual assistance to each other.
2. Interact with others so you can get better
  “Do not build fortresses to protect yourself, isolation is dangerous “-Robert Greene
A lion can spend up to 20 hours a day sleeping.
3. There is a difference between a leader and a slave, find time to relax.
“A lion is however, rarely heard-much more seldom seen” -John Hanning Speke
  “relaxation is the best time to reflect, think and come up with great ideas as a leader”
Male lions defend the pride's territory while females go to hunt, despite this male gets to eat first.
4. As a leader, learn how to delegate responsibility.
 “A good leader make things better not just for themselves but for others”-Mark Sanborn.
A lion can run for short distances at 50 mph and leap as far as 36 feet.
5. Movement is important in life as a leader.
“If you can’t fly, then run,
If you can’t run, then walk,
If you can’t walk, then crawl,
But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward”- Martin Luther King Junior.
The mane of the lion is unique and singles it out among all the other cats.
6. As a leader, dare to stand out from the crowd and be unique.
“Remember, if you want a different result, do something different “ – Anonymous
A male lion once attaining adult age, usually wanders off from his own pride to form another pride.
7. There comes a time in our life when we have to cut links with our friends and sometimes our loved ones so as to pursue your dreams.
“You can’t achieve your dreams in the comfort of your loved ones “
A lion is never intimidated by other larger animals like elephants, Rhinoceros and Buffalos.
8. Don’t allow fear and intimidation to limit what you can achieve.
“face your fears”
The lion usually prey at animals that are large and sometimes twice its size.
9. Have a vision, set extraordinary goals and targets and strive to achieve them.
“Never look at how impossible your goals are, just look at how possible you can achieve them”                  A lion never gives up, even when it is injured.
10. Don’t give up, even when it seems you have lost.
“Never give up, nothing worthwhile comes easy”

A leader who wants to stand out and make a difference has to adopt the life of a lion, a lion is a born leader, unleash the lion in you and you will see how good a leader you will be.
Once again,  Ramadan Kareem to all our muslim faithfuls.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016


1. Ogunbowale Olugbenga: The CEO and founder of Epower which is a marketing and Advertising Enterprise that trains and empowers Youths and young people on personal/self branding, it also trains young people on ICT skills. He is as well gifted with the gift of oratory evidence in the numerous awards he has won. A fellow of The League of Extraordinary Young People, a Master Strategist who has taught many youths how to brand themselves and prepare wonderful CVs and Resumes. 

2. William Kamkwamba: At the age of 14 years, he built an electricity-producing windmill from spare parts and scrap parts after He dropped out of school due to poverty. This windmill provided electricity and water to his home in rural Malawi. Since then, He has built a solar-powered water pump that supplies the first drinking water in His village and two other wind mills. His windmill attracted international attention and His story has been chronicled in the 2013 award winning feature length documentary, “william and the windmill”. He has also released an autobiography. “The boy who harnessed the wind”. Which was selected as a required book for all incoming students at the Auburn University. 

3. Prince C.K Agbata: He is a Co-Founder and CTO of IDEA Africa, Founder and CEO of orange Software, a student Entrepreneur, He is a fellow of the YALI Mandela Fellowship, a Tech Consultant, a Software Engineer and an Emerging Diplomat. IDEA Africa propagate education through ICT with much emphasis on rural Areas with less access to technology and internet. He is a straight forward person driven by His passion. 

4. Emmanuel Omene: He is a young Nigerian Entrepreneur and Student who is currently enrolled in Bowen University for His Bachelor of Arts in History and International Relations. He has a passion for peace, empowerment and youth participation in political affairs. He believes that youths are the main force for a better tomorrow. This passion of His drove him to Co-Found the Global Youths Peace and Empowerment Initiative with his friends. It was formerly called Nigeria Youth Peace Initiative but the Global was adopted to enlarge the scope of the organization. The Initiative currently runs chapters in almost all the states across Nigeria with active members, as well as in Ghana and the United Kingdom. He is currently the Coordinator of the Organisation in Nigeria. He is known to go to any length to achieve His dreams. 

5. Samuel Malinga: He is a young Ugandan change maker who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sanitation African Limited and this Organization/project addresses the faecal sludge management chain, a new modular latrine has been developed called “Durasan” a low-cost pit emptying pump called a Rammer, Treatment Plant and process briquettes from drained faecal sludge. It aims to develop technologies for all stages of the sanitation value chain in line with sanitation business models. 

6. Vanessa Zommi: she is the CEO of Emerald Moringa Tea Company, a young Cameroonian female leader and Entrepreneur who is so bright and innovative. She organised the first ever UN-HeForShe event in Cameroon bringing together 400 women to discuss on the topic “Women Empowerment and Gender Equality” on march 8th, 2015. She is very passionate about community service and so has worked as a volunteer with Windham Area Interface Ministry(WAIM), Kids Camp, Foodshare, HOTPEC Orphanage, e.t.c coupled with this, she also has great research and writing skills especially in scientific journal. She believes in sustainable prosperity for all. 

7. Mutoba Ngoma: He is the brain behind Tapera Industries a company that produces biodiesel and organic soap in Zambia. A graduate of Aeronautical Engineering in the UK returned home to Zambia based on the fact that there was a need for him to earn a sustainable income along with his desire to work “that really matters”. Due to his lack of job in the UK, He was further driven to start the Tapera Industries, considering also the fuel shortages in his country.

8. Hilda Moraa: A young Kenyan woman who is the founder and former CEO of Weza Tele Limited, a leading provider of innovative and mobile solutions in the supply chain distribution and financial solutions in the emerging markets. She is also slef publishing her first book, she has a passion in research and she is also enthusiastic about publishing.

9. Kasope Ladipo-Ajai: A graduate of Computer Science from Babcock University Nigeria, started OmoAlata, a Nigerian Food service and packaging Comapny focused on producing hygienic locally processed and packaged local Nigerian soups, spices and Peppers. 

10. Aisha Ayensu: A young beautiful Ghanian woman and Fashion Designer who happens to be the Creative Director as well as CEO and Head Design of the International Luxury Fashion Label, Christie Brown. Her brand represents the epitome of African inspiration, class, strength and uniqueness in a chic modern yet classic style. Today, Aisha is a Global shaper under the Accra Hub and her clothes continue to allow women to represent themsleves in the most elegant and authentic way possible. 

As we have all seen the top ten list of change makers in Africa. Africa is filled with potentials and talents, we as youths should not waste our time doing nothing, use your talent to bring solutions to a problem in your community or surroundies. 

Friday, 24 June 2016


There is a cry from a widow
A never ending tears like a flowing river
It seems like an outbreak of yellow fever
Peace and tranquility is now a thing of the past
I see a sea of dead people like a meadow
Many have been displaced and rendered homeless
There is no hope for the future
The North East is a shadow of its old self and has been rendered useless
We now distrust each other
We live in fear and horror
Our close neighbour or friend might be our worst enemy
We no more act like brothers and sisters
All man for himself
Our country is now like the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah
The city of eternal damnation

What can be done to storm the weather?
We have lost lots of potentials
Through the countless waste of lives
Despite this drumbeats of war,
Some are yet still soliciting for secession
Who are all those behind these horrors?
Show your face and fight like brave soldiers

You have raped young school girls, mothers and even the old women are not left out.
You fight for your religion
But what religion despises peace and embrace violence?
You all are bunch of political thugs sponsored by power thirsty politicians
You fight for nothing
Yet you hope for something
What an expensive joke
Many bloods are on your hands
You act like ghosts who fight in hiding and is unseen
No matter your efforts,
Western Education cannot be eradicated
Nigeria cannot be islamized

Your fight is in futility
The law will get hold of you
Show us your faces you idiots and cowards
You rant and prattle on social media like one with bravery
But its all an attempt to hide your cowardice
You are bunch of animals with no sense of direction
You are blown by the wind anywhere
Iliteracy and ignorance is indeed an endemic disease
With only one cure
Try knowledge and education
Then you will know how foolish you havebeen

There is no gain without pain
Happiness is the function of the mind. 

Thursday, 23 June 2016


Here are some quick facts about the world we live in:
1.  Coconut water can be used as a substitute for blood plasma.
2.  The sea of Galilee is the lowest fresh water lake on Earth.
3.  Number 10 Downing street, in London is the official residence of the British Prime Minister
4.  According to the World Wildlife Fund, there are only 3, 900 tigers left in the world.
5.  The coldest point on Earth is in Russian Research Station in Vostok, Antarctica and it recorded a temperature rate of minus 128. 6 degrees Fahreint.
6.  The hottest place on earth as of 2013 is the Furnace Creek Ranch in California's death valley measuring 56. 7degrees Celsius.
7. Christiano Ronaldo is the first football Player to ever top the richet sportsman list.
8.  A killer whale can travel up to 75 miles a day.
9.  Turkish city of Istanbul is the only city in the world located in two continents.
10. The Bible is the oldest and most ancient book in the world
11.  The fisrt man to land on the moon is Neil Armstrong of the United States.
12.  The first man to go to space or space travel is Russian's Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin
13 . The oldest living creature as well as animal is a tortoise named Jonathan who is aged 184 years old.
14.  The ostrich has the largest eyes of any land animal, each eye can be up to 2 inches in diameter.
15. The ostrich is also the fastest land bird, despite its bulk and largeness, it can run at speed of up to 45 metre per hour (mph). If necessary
16. The smallest country in the world is the Vatican City within an area square kilometers of 0. 44.
17.  The largest country by land mass is Russia with an area square kilometers of 17, 075, 200.
18. The current richest country in the world is Qatar with an estimated Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 146, 011. 85.
19. The fastest land animal is the Cheetah which has a record speed of 109. 4-20. 7km/h.
20.  The most corrupt country in the world is Somalia according to Transparency International with a corruption score of 8 out of 100.

"Remember, if you want a different result, do something different"- anonymous

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Biography: He was born Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley on February 6,  1945 in St Ann Parish, Jamaica. He was a Jamican reggae singer, songwriter, musician and guitarist who avhieved international fame and acclaim through his lyrics which criticised colonialism and racial discrimination. He took interest in music when one of his childhood friend, Neville "Bunny" O'Reiley Livingston and they both shared a love for music and Neville inspired him to love music and taught him how to play guitar and Neville's father as well as Marley's mother supported them both. He later moved to Kingston where he found inspiration in the music around him despite living in poverty for many years. He started recording as a solo artiste but found no success and so he joined forces with the "Wailing wailers" a group where he started to gain prominence and their first was "Simmer Down" which went top of the Jamican chart. He was happily married to Rita and they had children like stephen and Damian that are also talented.
Notable works: "i shot the sheriff, one love, Rivers of Babylon, No woman, no cry, war, Exodus, is this love" and many more.
Notable quotes:   "Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny"
                                "Judge not, before you judge yourself. Judge not, if you are not ready for judgment"
                                "In this great future, you cannot forget your past"
                                "Free speech carries with it some freedom to listen".
Death: He died in Miami, Florida on may 11, 1981 on His way to Jamaica after fighting off his persistent cancer for months.
Legacy: He helped introduce reggae music to the world,  and He remains one of the most beloved reggae Artist to this day. He played a huge role in the fight against colonialism and racial discrimination through his lyrics as He was known as a musical Human Rights Activist. He was a world Ambassador for reggae, He was given the medal of peace by the United Nations, He was inducted into the Hall of fame in 1994, His long fight against oppression and discrimination continues through an organization established in His memory by His family, " The Bob Marley Foundation "devoted to helping people and organizations in Developing Nations.
A lesson from the life of this legend is that pursue your dreams and never forget your roots or your people.

Friday, 17 June 2016


In life there are two kinds of friends, the ordinary friends who i term the ad hoc friends and the true friends which are priceless. True friendship cannot be built in a day, true friendship is a state of mutual understanding between two or more people. Friendship is built on the foundation of trust. If you can't call someone who you truly trust, then you have not yet found a true friend. This is why i still hold on to the old adgae that says:
    "A friend in need, is a friend indeed"
True friendship cannot be made, it takes a long process for friendship to be built, friendship is like a process.
Below are some major characteristics of true friendship:
When you are headed for trouble, a true friend lets you know.
When you are blinded by your emotions, a true friend tells you.
When it seems you are lonely, a true friend will stand by you.
When you have no reason to smile, a true friend will give you reasons to laugh.
When you feel frustrated and in distress, a true friend will bring out the best in you.
When you are having a bad day, a true friend will turn it to a good day for you.
When you fall on your face, a true friend will lift you up.
When you are hit by the stormy and rainy days, a true friend will be a sure refuge.
When others call you a loser, a true friend will call you a winner.
When no one seems to listen to you, a true friend will listen, understand and share your thoughts.
When you are struggling and the road seems tough, a true friend will lighten your burden and support you.
When you are in deep pain, a true friend will be a sure gain.
When you err, a true friend will forgive you holding no grudges.
When you succeed, a true friend celebrates with you.
When you are in need, you will know a true friend indeed.
When you are passing through hardship, a true friend will be a sure guarantor.
When you are discouraged, a true friend encourages you.
When the world seems to be against you, a true friend will be for you.
A true friend is the light at the end of a tunnel, the height of true friendship is sacrifice in love and harmony.
True friends are hard to come by, in my whole life i have never found a friend who sacrificed his life for my redemption, i have never found a true friend like Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016


The irony of life is that;
What is money without happiness or hard times without the people you love?
The more richer you become,  the more friends you attract, but the poorer you become,  the less friends you attract
The Devil you know is better than the Angel you don't know.
We all smile and dine with our enemies within who will later backstab us.
There is no second chance in the grave.
Time is the most valuable asset in the world.
What you think you have,  others have much more than you. What you think you can do better,  others can do far more better than.
Nobody is 100% perfect.
No one knows where the wind comes from,  neither do we know where it goeth.
If you want to test a man's true character, give him power and money.
True loyalty and trust can only be found among animals, take care of a cub and feed him from day one,  and that cub will never betray you.  But do same for humans and you will be shocked.
The truth can never be hidden,  it always unfold at the right time.
No matter the quantity of food we eat in the night,  we will still get hungry in the morning.
Sleep is a temporary state of unconsciousness,  while death is a permanent state of unconsciousness.
The IQ of a mad person outweighs the capacity of the body to handle the IQ.
Every great Genius that ever existed or is still in existence has a touch of madness.
The law of force does not permit like poles to attract,  only opppsite polls can attract,  so does nature does not permit like cells to attract,  only opposite cells can attract.
Ants and termites are one of the most smallest creatures,  but yet the most hardworking among all creatures.
Nothing good comes easy.
In Nigeria, when there was corruption things were good,  but when there is no corruption, things has turned from bad to worse.
A man experiencing poverty can never see the future.
This compilation still continues.................

Monday, 13 June 2016


The irony of Life is that;
We all strive to get money and wealth, but yet we all die with nothing.
70%  of the world is covered with water,  and yet we still pay money to buy water.
Africa is richly blessed with natural resources,  but yet more than half of Africans wallow in poverty.
No matter how rich we are or become,  we cannot buy life.
Whatever goes up must surely come down.
Whatever man sows, He will surely reap.
All fingers are not equal,  all men are not equal.
Common sense is not common.
Money rules the world and not Humans
All men are mad and are civilised and social animals.
A genius has far more greater intensity of madness than an average man.
Even animals know the importance of opposite sex marriage unlike man.
Every good thing is a bad thing in disguise
Animals never work or struggle, but yet they eat far more than humans and survive.
Life is all about survival of the fittest
One man's food is another man's poison.
We serve,  worship and believe in what we have not seen before.
Man kills for his God,  but the question is, is the God too weak to defend himself.
We don't know where we came from,  and we don't know where we are going to.
Then the question is, what is LIFE?
Add yours to keep the fun going.
To be continued.................................

Thursday, 9 June 2016

A Good Name

I believe we as Humans, we all fancy wealth, riches, enjoyment and living large. But is wealth and riches the most important thing in life? Many choose to be known for something bad,  some are known for corruption, some are known for violence and chaos, some are known to be knowledgeable and wise but non of these is better than a Good name. A good name is better than siver or gold.  Anywhere we are,  lets try to create good names for oursleves. Martin Luther King Junior made name for himself in his fight against discrimination and segregation, mother Theresa made name for herself through her charity work and her love for humanity, Nelson Mandela made name for himself in his vigorous fight against apartheid, A good name lasts longer than popularity. Someone with a good name tends to be influential and earn the respect and trust of people.
A good name is not easy to come by, it takes years of diligence and commitment, as well as our actions on daily basis.
A dying father once said to his daughter that all his life he had no money but he had something which was  far more valuable than money. The daughter who was so furious insulted her father and said: "while all your mates were making money,  what were you doing? " the dying father wept and died in agony. Years after his death, that same daughter went to a company to seek for employment,  on checking her CV,  the Manager asked her about the surname if she was in any way related to the person bearing the name,  and she reluctantly in shame said it was her father. Surprisingly the manager stood up and told her that her father was really a great man,  a man of integrity who was not after material things and that he lived his life helping and assisting others and that he was one of the beneficiary of his assistance. The manager immediately gave her a well paid job she was made a Director with an official car and house.  This girl wept and forever regretted ever insulting her dying father.
The lesson from this narration is that a good name can stand the test of time.
Make a good name for yourself today,  make a positive difference wherever you are and leave a lasting impression in people.  Your legacies will never be forgotten..

Tuesday, 7 June 2016


The world was put into mourning on the 4th of june 2016,  when boxing legend and one of the greatest sportsman in history Muhammad Ali died after suffering illness. He was indeed a legend, an Activist,  a man with global relevance, He affected many lives through his wise words and he was a fore most fighter during the fight against racial discrimination and segregation in America. The world has indeed lost a great man and his lasting legacies will forever remain in our hearts.
The lesson from the life of this great man is that no matter who you are,  dare to make a difference,  be the best version of you and leave a legacy for those coming behind you.  Greatness is not attained in a day, it takes years of persistent commitment and diligence. RIP once again to a Global champion and icon.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

It's so painful when you see many people most especially children roaming about the streets begging for alms in a means to survive, some even go round many dustbins in the cities, picking leftovers all in a means to survive and in this way, they expose themselves to dangers of diseases, some even suffer from malnutrition. It is so  in contrast that despite this wide spreading trend, you still find many wasting food, while others barely eat three square meals a day, we eat even up to six square meals a day, this is so bad because nature provided man with so much food and water that can go round everyone for generations to come, but the greed of man have made some to take so much out of the gift of nature without considering the other person or thinking about the less privileged.
Before you waste that food, think of the children on the street dying daily of malnutrition and hunger, you too can be in their shoes. Give to the poor and you will never regret doing so.
Let's join hands to wipe out poverty..............!!!!!!

Friday, 15 April 2016

The importance of team work can never be underestimated, just like the saying goes, " it takes two to tango". Though some people appreciate the importance of one man army or lone rangers, but it only takes a team for effectiveness to occur. That effectiveness and value can only be gotten when there is team effort and togetherness, it took a United States of America to become the world largest economy and most powerful Nation on earth, if the confederates and Union had not settled their differences, there would not have been a United State of America. Just as how good Lionel Messi o Christiano Ronaldo may be, they cannot function properly without their team effort or team work, it takes a man and woman to make a marriage and a couple.
Even in large organizations, team effort is appreciated because a team will bring better productivity to an Organization than a single individual, just as in business, a partnership or Joint Stock Company is more likely to make huge profit than a Sole Proprietorship or a One man business. Just as it is generally known, "no man can be an island" no man can know everything or do everything all alone. Even the United Kingdom is a Confederation of different States like; England, Ireland, Scotland, e.t.c. That is why they have acquired so much power and prominence in the world today.
Just as much as we believe in ourselves, we should also try to listen to people, pick ideas from people and learn to work effectively with people so as to form a formidable team. Because so goes the saying ;
" two heads are better than one" . In a team effort, no one takes the whole praise but the whole team. If Barcelona football club wins a cup, the whole team will be crowned and not a single individual.
In a team, we find the support, help, assistance of other team members, when we fall we are helped up by our team member, such is the importance attached to a team.
Form a formidable team today and become better and outstanding.