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Thursday, 9 June 2016

A Good Name

I believe we as Humans, we all fancy wealth, riches, enjoyment and living large. But is wealth and riches the most important thing in life? Many choose to be known for something bad,  some are known for corruption, some are known for violence and chaos, some are known to be knowledgeable and wise but non of these is better than a Good name. A good name is better than siver or gold.  Anywhere we are,  lets try to create good names for oursleves. Martin Luther King Junior made name for himself in his fight against discrimination and segregation, mother Theresa made name for herself through her charity work and her love for humanity, Nelson Mandela made name for himself in his vigorous fight against apartheid, A good name lasts longer than popularity. Someone with a good name tends to be influential and earn the respect and trust of people.
A good name is not easy to come by, it takes years of diligence and commitment, as well as our actions on daily basis.
A dying father once said to his daughter that all his life he had no money but he had something which was  far more valuable than money. The daughter who was so furious insulted her father and said: "while all your mates were making money,  what were you doing? " the dying father wept and died in agony. Years after his death, that same daughter went to a company to seek for employment,  on checking her CV,  the Manager asked her about the surname if she was in any way related to the person bearing the name,  and she reluctantly in shame said it was her father. Surprisingly the manager stood up and told her that her father was really a great man,  a man of integrity who was not after material things and that he lived his life helping and assisting others and that he was one of the beneficiary of his assistance. The manager immediately gave her a well paid job she was made a Director with an official car and house.  This girl wept and forever regretted ever insulting her dying father.
The lesson from this narration is that a good name can stand the test of time.
Make a good name for yourself today,  make a positive difference wherever you are and leave a lasting impression in people.  Your legacies will never be forgotten..

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