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Sunday, 17 July 2016


Another major prerequisite for emerging a champion is to embrace and face your fears. Look fear straight in the eyes and overcome it. We all have our fears which may be fear of failure, fear of taking risks and fear of never trying something new. Every Human Being is afraid of something, we all have our fears but it is only Champions that sum up the courage and face their fears.
Many people are afraid of trying something new, or charting a new course, we all love to stick to the status quo or remain in our comfort zone. Only Champions can sum up the courage to venture into the Unknown.
The fear of taking risk is another type of fear. People are scared of trying things in which success is not assured. Taking calculated Risk is better than taking unnecessary risk. Taking Calculative risk sets you on the path of becoming a champion. One thing with taking risk is that you never achieve a win/win situation, rather you achieve a win/loose situation and your chances of emerging victorious is 50/50.
Another type of fear is fear of rejection, nobody wants to be rejected and ridiculed by people or the public, everybody loves to be appreciated. But the truth is that it is impossible to please or to be accepted by everyone, not everybody are happy that You are champion, not everybody are happy that You are succeeding while they are failing, after all they never know what You have been through to become a champion. Shun those who reject You and work with those who accept and appreciate You. Never make rejection cause depression for You, after all that is the nature of Humans and the world we live in nobody can be fully accepted by Everyone no matter how good You are.
Fear of failure occurs when people fail to act based on their fear of failing. But failure is an inevitable and necessary part of success, not an opposite of success as it is popularly believed by many. Faith is the opposite of fear. He who has faith can always overcome fear. Many Great Men that ever lived were  great failures like Thomas Edison who was one of the greatest Inventors of all time described Himself as one of the greatest failures of all time, He said He failed 1000 times.
       “in becoming a Champion, failure is inevitable “
Fear has two meanings which are;
F- Face
R- Rise
  “our greatest glory is not in never falling,
  But rising anytime we fall”- Confucious
According to Franklin Roosevelt, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
He who fears to fail is a failure already
If you do not do the things You fear, the fear controls your life.
Don’t allow fear to limit what You can achieve, there is a treasure at the other side of fear overcome fear and become a champion today.

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