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Thursday, 7 July 2016


They are found everywhere
They go any length
To get what they want
They are driven by their greed and selfish interest
They abound in our churches
They are found in the mosque
You find them in our schools
They are found in our government
They dine with you in the open
While they covertly ruin you
They smile and dance with you in the public
While they backstab you in private
They use you for their own interest
While they dump you in time of storms
Their loyalty is questionable
They owe allegiance to everybody
While they are loyal to nobody

In our religious centres
Sycophants make the religious centres their habitation
When they are in need
They look up to the clerics
Expecting a miracle
When they get their heart desire
You see them no more
Our clerics are not left out
Some of them host and praise bad leaders
They refrain from telling the truth
They say what delights you
They decree false prophecies
Your pocket and fame is their target
They get richer
While you loose your integrity and soul

In our schools
Sycophants stick by you always
In times of exams and tests
You become their best friends
They only wish to use you and dump you
Your brain is their target

In our political system
Sycophants are in abundant
They follow you
Praising you when you do bad
Campaigning for you
In return they get political appointments and are enriched
They give you false advise and ideas
They suggest bad policies
All in a bid to please you and earn your trust
They chastise and persecute those who say the truth

When you are rich
Sycophants glue to you
When the going is good
You have many friends
When trouble comes
When trial comes
They all forsake you
If you have nothing to offer
You are regarded as a nobody
If you have something to offer
You are powerful, important and well respected

We ourselves as Humans
We encourage sycophancy
Because it is in our nature
To always be happy and pleased
We love to be flattered
We hate to hear the truth
Because the truth is like a snake bite
Sycophants are plague in our society
Sycophancy is an unnecessary evil
Sycophants slow down development in our society
They are the problem of the world
They are the devil in disguise.

                         QUOTE OF THE DAY
“short as life is, we make it still shorter
By the careless waste of time” – Victor Hugo

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