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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

It's so painful when you see many people most especially children roaming about the streets begging for alms in a means to survive, some even go round many dustbins in the cities, picking leftovers all in a means to survive and in this way, they expose themselves to dangers of diseases, some even suffer from malnutrition. It is so  in contrast that despite this wide spreading trend, you still find many wasting food, while others barely eat three square meals a day, we eat even up to six square meals a day, this is so bad because nature provided man with so much food and water that can go round everyone for generations to come, but the greed of man have made some to take so much out of the gift of nature without considering the other person or thinking about the less privileged.
Before you waste that food, think of the children on the street dying daily of malnutrition and hunger, you too can be in their shoes. Give to the poor and you will never regret doing so.
Let's join hands to wipe out poverty..............!!!!!!

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