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Friday, 15 April 2016

The importance of team work can never be underestimated, just like the saying goes, " it takes two to tango". Though some people appreciate the importance of one man army or lone rangers, but it only takes a team for effectiveness to occur. That effectiveness and value can only be gotten when there is team effort and togetherness, it took a United States of America to become the world largest economy and most powerful Nation on earth, if the confederates and Union had not settled their differences, there would not have been a United State of America. Just as how good Lionel Messi o Christiano Ronaldo may be, they cannot function properly without their team effort or team work, it takes a man and woman to make a marriage and a couple.
Even in large organizations, team effort is appreciated because a team will bring better productivity to an Organization than a single individual, just as in business, a partnership or Joint Stock Company is more likely to make huge profit than a Sole Proprietorship or a One man business. Just as it is generally known, "no man can be an island" no man can know everything or do everything all alone. Even the United Kingdom is a Confederation of different States like; England, Ireland, Scotland, e.t.c. That is why they have acquired so much power and prominence in the world today.
Just as much as we believe in ourselves, we should also try to listen to people, pick ideas from people and learn to work effectively with people so as to form a formidable team. Because so goes the saying ;
" two heads are better than one" . In a team effort, no one takes the whole praise but the whole team. If Barcelona football club wins a cup, the whole team will be crowned and not a single individual.
In a team, we find the support, help, assistance of other team members, when we fall we are helped up by our team member, such is the importance attached to a team.
Form a formidable team today and become better and outstanding.

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