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Friday, 24 June 2016


There is a cry from a widow
A never ending tears like a flowing river
It seems like an outbreak of yellow fever
Peace and tranquility is now a thing of the past
I see a sea of dead people like a meadow
Many have been displaced and rendered homeless
There is no hope for the future
The North East is a shadow of its old self and has been rendered useless
We now distrust each other
We live in fear and horror
Our close neighbour or friend might be our worst enemy
We no more act like brothers and sisters
All man for himself
Our country is now like the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah
The city of eternal damnation

What can be done to storm the weather?
We have lost lots of potentials
Through the countless waste of lives
Despite this drumbeats of war,
Some are yet still soliciting for secession
Who are all those behind these horrors?
Show your face and fight like brave soldiers

You have raped young school girls, mothers and even the old women are not left out.
You fight for your religion
But what religion despises peace and embrace violence?
You all are bunch of political thugs sponsored by power thirsty politicians
You fight for nothing
Yet you hope for something
What an expensive joke
Many bloods are on your hands
You act like ghosts who fight in hiding and is unseen
No matter your efforts,
Western Education cannot be eradicated
Nigeria cannot be islamized

Your fight is in futility
The law will get hold of you
Show us your faces you idiots and cowards
You rant and prattle on social media like one with bravery
But its all an attempt to hide your cowardice
You are bunch of animals with no sense of direction
You are blown by the wind anywhere
Iliteracy and ignorance is indeed an endemic disease
With only one cure
Try knowledge and education
Then you will know how foolish you havebeen

There is no gain without pain
Happiness is the function of the mind. 

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