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Tuesday, 28 June 2016


1. Ogunbowale Olugbenga: The CEO and founder of Epower which is a marketing and Advertising Enterprise that trains and empowers Youths and young people on personal/self branding, it also trains young people on ICT skills. He is as well gifted with the gift of oratory evidence in the numerous awards he has won. A fellow of The League of Extraordinary Young People, a Master Strategist who has taught many youths how to brand themselves and prepare wonderful CVs and Resumes. 

2. William Kamkwamba: At the age of 14 years, he built an electricity-producing windmill from spare parts and scrap parts after He dropped out of school due to poverty. This windmill provided electricity and water to his home in rural Malawi. Since then, He has built a solar-powered water pump that supplies the first drinking water in His village and two other wind mills. His windmill attracted international attention and His story has been chronicled in the 2013 award winning feature length documentary, “william and the windmill”. He has also released an autobiography. “The boy who harnessed the wind”. Which was selected as a required book for all incoming students at the Auburn University. 

3. Prince C.K Agbata: He is a Co-Founder and CTO of IDEA Africa, Founder and CEO of orange Software, a student Entrepreneur, He is a fellow of the YALI Mandela Fellowship, a Tech Consultant, a Software Engineer and an Emerging Diplomat. IDEA Africa propagate education through ICT with much emphasis on rural Areas with less access to technology and internet. He is a straight forward person driven by His passion. 

4. Emmanuel Omene: He is a young Nigerian Entrepreneur and Student who is currently enrolled in Bowen University for His Bachelor of Arts in History and International Relations. He has a passion for peace, empowerment and youth participation in political affairs. He believes that youths are the main force for a better tomorrow. This passion of His drove him to Co-Found the Global Youths Peace and Empowerment Initiative with his friends. It was formerly called Nigeria Youth Peace Initiative but the Global was adopted to enlarge the scope of the organization. The Initiative currently runs chapters in almost all the states across Nigeria with active members, as well as in Ghana and the United Kingdom. He is currently the Coordinator of the Organisation in Nigeria. He is known to go to any length to achieve His dreams. 

5. Samuel Malinga: He is a young Ugandan change maker who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sanitation African Limited and this Organization/project addresses the faecal sludge management chain, a new modular latrine has been developed called “Durasan” a low-cost pit emptying pump called a Rammer, Treatment Plant and process briquettes from drained faecal sludge. It aims to develop technologies for all stages of the sanitation value chain in line with sanitation business models. 

6. Vanessa Zommi: she is the CEO of Emerald Moringa Tea Company, a young Cameroonian female leader and Entrepreneur who is so bright and innovative. She organised the first ever UN-HeForShe event in Cameroon bringing together 400 women to discuss on the topic “Women Empowerment and Gender Equality” on march 8th, 2015. She is very passionate about community service and so has worked as a volunteer with Windham Area Interface Ministry(WAIM), Kids Camp, Foodshare, HOTPEC Orphanage, e.t.c coupled with this, she also has great research and writing skills especially in scientific journal. She believes in sustainable prosperity for all. 

7. Mutoba Ngoma: He is the brain behind Tapera Industries a company that produces biodiesel and organic soap in Zambia. A graduate of Aeronautical Engineering in the UK returned home to Zambia based on the fact that there was a need for him to earn a sustainable income along with his desire to work “that really matters”. Due to his lack of job in the UK, He was further driven to start the Tapera Industries, considering also the fuel shortages in his country.

8. Hilda Moraa: A young Kenyan woman who is the founder and former CEO of Weza Tele Limited, a leading provider of innovative and mobile solutions in the supply chain distribution and financial solutions in the emerging markets. She is also slef publishing her first book, she has a passion in research and she is also enthusiastic about publishing.

9. Kasope Ladipo-Ajai: A graduate of Computer Science from Babcock University Nigeria, started OmoAlata, a Nigerian Food service and packaging Comapny focused on producing hygienic locally processed and packaged local Nigerian soups, spices and Peppers. 

10. Aisha Ayensu: A young beautiful Ghanian woman and Fashion Designer who happens to be the Creative Director as well as CEO and Head Design of the International Luxury Fashion Label, Christie Brown. Her brand represents the epitome of African inspiration, class, strength and uniqueness in a chic modern yet classic style. Today, Aisha is a Global shaper under the Accra Hub and her clothes continue to allow women to represent themsleves in the most elegant and authentic way possible. 

As we have all seen the top ten list of change makers in Africa. Africa is filled with potentials and talents, we as youths should not waste our time doing nothing, use your talent to bring solutions to a problem in your community or surroundies. 

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