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Friday, 17 June 2016


In life there are two kinds of friends, the ordinary friends who i term the ad hoc friends and the true friends which are priceless. True friendship cannot be built in a day, true friendship is a state of mutual understanding between two or more people. Friendship is built on the foundation of trust. If you can't call someone who you truly trust, then you have not yet found a true friend. This is why i still hold on to the old adgae that says:
    "A friend in need, is a friend indeed"
True friendship cannot be made, it takes a long process for friendship to be built, friendship is like a process.
Below are some major characteristics of true friendship:
When you are headed for trouble, a true friend lets you know.
When you are blinded by your emotions, a true friend tells you.
When it seems you are lonely, a true friend will stand by you.
When you have no reason to smile, a true friend will give you reasons to laugh.
When you feel frustrated and in distress, a true friend will bring out the best in you.
When you are having a bad day, a true friend will turn it to a good day for you.
When you fall on your face, a true friend will lift you up.
When you are hit by the stormy and rainy days, a true friend will be a sure refuge.
When others call you a loser, a true friend will call you a winner.
When no one seems to listen to you, a true friend will listen, understand and share your thoughts.
When you are struggling and the road seems tough, a true friend will lighten your burden and support you.
When you are in deep pain, a true friend will be a sure gain.
When you err, a true friend will forgive you holding no grudges.
When you succeed, a true friend celebrates with you.
When you are in need, you will know a true friend indeed.
When you are passing through hardship, a true friend will be a sure guarantor.
When you are discouraged, a true friend encourages you.
When the world seems to be against you, a true friend will be for you.
A true friend is the light at the end of a tunnel, the height of true friendship is sacrifice in love and harmony.
True friends are hard to come by, in my whole life i have never found a friend who sacrificed his life for my redemption, i have never found a true friend like Jesus Christ.

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