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Tuesday, 14 June 2016


The irony of life is that;
What is money without happiness or hard times without the people you love?
The more richer you become,  the more friends you attract, but the poorer you become,  the less friends you attract
The Devil you know is better than the Angel you don't know.
We all smile and dine with our enemies within who will later backstab us.
There is no second chance in the grave.
Time is the most valuable asset in the world.
What you think you have,  others have much more than you. What you think you can do better,  others can do far more better than.
Nobody is 100% perfect.
No one knows where the wind comes from,  neither do we know where it goeth.
If you want to test a man's true character, give him power and money.
True loyalty and trust can only be found among animals, take care of a cub and feed him from day one,  and that cub will never betray you.  But do same for humans and you will be shocked.
The truth can never be hidden,  it always unfold at the right time.
No matter the quantity of food we eat in the night,  we will still get hungry in the morning.
Sleep is a temporary state of unconsciousness,  while death is a permanent state of unconsciousness.
The IQ of a mad person outweighs the capacity of the body to handle the IQ.
Every great Genius that ever existed or is still in existence has a touch of madness.
The law of force does not permit like poles to attract,  only opppsite polls can attract,  so does nature does not permit like cells to attract,  only opposite cells can attract.
Ants and termites are one of the most smallest creatures,  but yet the most hardworking among all creatures.
Nothing good comes easy.
In Nigeria, when there was corruption things were good,  but when there is no corruption, things has turned from bad to worse.
A man experiencing poverty can never see the future.
This compilation still continues.................

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