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Monday, 11 July 2016


  • Leadership is not an easy task, many people perceive leaders to be those who are privilege and above others. But that is just a myopic view of leadership. Leaders go through rigorous pains, sacrifices, discipline and hardwork just to please those they serve. But yet they are not appreciated we quickly find faults in their slightest mistakes to criticise and insult them. Someone once said that "leadership is hardwork". A lazy person can never be a leader. Leaders experience pains and sacrifice alot. 
  • Leaders are lonely people
  • Many decisions are left to them when it comes to certain things and situations
  • Leaders have no one to help them when they encounter difficult situations, but they are obliged to help their followers when they need help
  • They have no one to share their problems with. Sharing their problems makes people perceive them as weak. 
  • Leaders cannot voice out their fears openly. After all, a Leader is meant to allay the fears of His followers and not to express His own fears. Many followers think that their leaders are fearless, but any honest leader will tell you about real things that ravage his mind on a daily basis. 
  • A Leader barely has time to rest. 
  • A leader is rarely seen or heard because he is always in search of solutions and new ideas
  • A leader often bears the responsibilities for any defeat, failure, delay and setbacks. But when there is victory everybody is credited. 
  • When people sleep for 8 hours, a leader rarely has a good night sleep. Because it is in the night that every successful battle is fought and won. 
  • A leader rarely has time for his personal affairs as he is more concerned about dispensing his official duty. 
  • A Leader always puts in the extra effort, he has to be one step ahead. 
  • Leaders are very often prone to stress related illness
  • Leaders are most of the time set apart from the crowd, when the crowd is going right, a leader is compelled to go left. A leader rarely has time to hang out or socialize
  • A leader carries his cross alone and pay for the sins and mistakes of his follower. 
  • Leader goes through the burden of self discipline, it takes discipline to sleep very late and wake up very early. 
  • Leaders are easy target for the enemies. They are easily exposed to danger. 
Leaders are sometimes forced to take some hard, difficult but necessary decisions which hurts many people. 
The next time You see a Leader, appreciate him/her and support them any way possible, pray for them. Because it is not easy been a leader. Put Yourself in the shoes ofaleader and You will forever appreciate their effort. 

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