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Wednesday, 13 July 2016


A Hero is someone who has achieved a great feat, who is celebrated and appreciated for His/ Her effort in doing something good in the society, someone who has done something that is worth remembering. Heroes are seen as important people who many look up to and are inspired by the great feat they have or had achieved.
We all consider different category of people as our heroes, many consider Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Architects, Politicians, Activists, Soldiers, Accountants, Sport Personalities and even musician as Heroes.
  We see these people as our heroes who did little or nothing to make us who we are or who we will become, they only make efforts for their own personal and economic gains and for their own development and yet we still look up to them as heroes. But there are some exceptions, men like Martin Luther, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi of India, the heroes of Nigeria’s nationality were heroes indeed and even some Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Scientists, e.t. c were also heroes who did something for the good of mankind.
We often despise who the real heroes are: those who have been a part of our lives for about 20 or more years teaching, nurturing and impacting knowledge in Us, they have gone beyond all doubts and planted good seeds in us . Just like the old Guinea proverb which says: “knowledge is like a garden: if it is not cultivated, it. Cannot be harvested “
These uncelebrated heroes have been forgotten and despised by who they have developed and nurtured, they are not considered as anything. Many of us easily forget our roots and we forget that our teachers are part of the root in our lives, when we were dull, they encouraged and taught us, they stood for hours daily teaching, influencing and ensuring a bright future for us and yet we count them us nothing. Knowledge is power indeed because he who has knowledge is a valuable asset that cannot be easily disposed. I even love this great African Proverb which says;
           “True teaching is not accumulation of knowledge; it is an awakening of      consciousness”
Many of our Teachers have reawaken our minds and reminded us of who we truly are, they have unleashed the potentials in us, of course knowledge is better than riches, he who has knowledge, has authority.
How successful you are in life depends on the foundation laid for you by your teacher, good teachers are hard to come by, so appreciate your teachers for where you are today and the knowledge they imparted in you.
Having a future ambition of becoming a teacher nowadays is seen as a waste of money and time, many perceive teachers to be third class or average citizens but they might not be wealthy physical but they have the greatest asset that most of us don’t have, which is knowledge even our holy book commanded us that knowledge is the principal thing, therefore in all our gettings, get knowledge. This is why they have the most  priceless and most valuable asset on Earth.
I strongly believe that Teachers are the real heroes, because a hero is someone who helps others to rise, who sacrifices for others, who influences and inspires, who helps to win and who help others rise to greatness, Teachers are the True uncelebrated heroes indeed, they are a gift to humanity.

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