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Monday, 28 March 2016

Education part A

"Education they say is the bedrock of development in any society " without education a society will be left behind in the wave of globalization and what I term "modernization". Education is for all check out the Developed countries, they take education serious as they see it as the birthright of every child and it is also an obligation for parents to educate their children. It is an offence for a child to be out of school, the parents can be sanctioned or sued to court.
In Africa using Nigeria as a case study, reverse is the case. Many children are out of school, even the small percentage that are in school largely suffer sub standard education. Except few private and public institutions. It is so painful when you go through many highways across Nigeria, you see children with huge potentials hawking, children who are meant to be in school are usually found hawking on the streets an high way under dangerous conditions, the children are exposed to dangers of kidnapping, armed robbery and rape. In the northern divide of Nigeria, the children there engage in street begging and they are popularly known as "Al majiris", they roam the streets and major high ways begging for alms which is their only means of survival.
This is so painful in a country that claims to be the "Giant of Africa " and that also have the best economy in Africa failing to educate it's citizen. Judging by recent statistics, Nigeria according to the UN is among the nine most illiterate counties in the world and statistics also shows that Northern Nigeria has the highest rate of illiterates in Nigeria.
The government should invest more on education, they should ensure Universal Basic Education for all children. (UBE) every child is entitled to free education, there is no harm in ensuring free primary education for all students in Nigeria and also the high rate of illiteracy in Northern Nigeria should be addressed. The last administration laid a good foundation through the Al majiri school, the present Government should continue.
Nigerian children have huge potentials and they need education to give them a solid foundation.
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