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Saturday, 26 March 2016


what is the true essence of Eastern to you?
Many see Easter as a period to travel back to their villages so as to spend the period with their relatives, others see it as a period to hang out with friends and family, others use this period to party and merry around, while others still use this period to shop all around the world, though the period is meant for the celebration of the indispensable sacrifice Christ paid on the cross of calvary to liberate humanity, this period is basically a period of sober reflection on the undying love Jesus Christ had for humanity that he gave up his life for the world. This is a period when we have to imbibe the undying love of Christ in our lives as we replicate this love for our neighbours and those around us.  
Most of us have not yet discover the huge sacrifice Christ made for humanity until we are in a position to sacrifice what we dearly love or Cherish. Jesus Christ was the only son of God but God sacrificed his son because of his love for mankind. 
The question is how many of us are willing and able to sacrifice our time, money, efforts, resources, skills, manpower, e.t.c. For the  greater good of your country? 
Instead of complaining and grumbling, make a huge sacrifice for your country and your efforts will never be forgotten. Jesus Christ is still the most celebrated personality in the world even after over 2,000 years of his death.
I urge us all today to live a life of sacrifice for the common good of the society or those around you. 

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