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Friday, 8 April 2016

Patriotism is what is lacking among many Nigerians, it is so disdainful when you see many Nigerians making statements like;
" Nigeria is not my business, the government is eating our money so I don't care, some even go to the extent of having a firm belief that the issue of terrorism is being politicised or is a religious war so they usually make statement like; "let them kill themselves thank God am not in the north".
This is so painful in a country that claims to be the giant of Africa and that have potentials of becoming a global power according to some  estimates and predictions. The truth is that the most important asset for the development of a Nation is Her human resources which Nigeria is very blessed with, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the ninth most populous Nation in the world, but one thing is lacking among Nigerians, it's that I don't care attitude, they display unpatriotic acts everywhere, some even go to the extent of denying being citizens of Nigeria Abroad, this is so disheartening. No matter where you are in the world or how far away you are from home, You are still a Nigerian and Nigeria is in your blood.
Even our National anthem says it all,
" to serve our father's land, with love and strength and faith.......to serve with heart and might"
So we are required to serve our Nation with the whole of our heart, with love, with strength and faith and belief in a better Nigeria.
For those that are football fans, we  will notice that during the 2014 world cup in Brazil, the semi final match between Brazil and Germany in which Brazil trailed behind Germany by 7 goals to 1, despite this great loss and disgrace in their home soil and during a world cup match, this never stopped the Brazilian fans from cheering their team, some even went to the extent of crying and lamenting for their team, I was so touched by this great act of patriotism and love for country displayed by the Brazilians, we all know that if this had happened to Nigeria, reverse will be the case, as the fans will castigate and curse the players, coach and even the Government, pointing accusing fingers. But the love for our country is meant to be most felt when we are in disturbing or bad situations like the issue of Boko Haram which is a pressing issue right now, this is when the Government needs the help and support of the citizens to tackle the menace.
Another County in which I so much admire their patriotism is the Americans, the United States citizens are so Patriotic and they display love for their country through their popular chant, " God bless America" Any  American you come by  is used to this saying because they believe the United States is God's own country. When last have you seen a Nigeria chanting God bless Nigeria?
Patriotism involves showing love for your country and the people within it, it involves supporting the leadership of the country in both good and trying times, it involves promoting a positive image of the country anywhere you are in the world, it involves being a good Ambassador of the country anywhere you are, it involves praying for your country in your religion.
Nigerians are to learn the fact that their support, patriotism and love is what will move the country forward, we should shun all our religious and ethnic differences and display acts of love, oneness, unity and harmony among ourselves. So goes the saying,
"Together we rise, divided we fall".
It also takes to two to tango.
The fact is that Nigeria is better as one, separating or breaking away will not pay, we should live together in peace and build a great Nation together.
Good people!!!!!!!!
Great Nation!!!!!!!!
A united Nigeria is all we want.
God bless Nigeria.

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