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Monday, 4 April 2016


Every new day and week  comes with new different opportunities, challenges, breakthrough, victories, setbacks, obstacles, failures and success. This is when you see everyone going  about their businesses, some trying to catch appointments, some trying to sign contracts, some trying to beat the traffic, some trying to go to school and most of all everyone  trying to figure out how to make it. But in the midst of all  this hustling and bustling, keep one thing in mind, that is to "set your priorities right" do everything at the right time. Have a precise plan for each day, because failing to plan is planning to fail. Just as I keep reiterating that if the purpose of waking up is not known, then go back to sleep.
Just like Jack Canfield once said;
"Success isn't magic or hocus-pocus, it's simply learning how to focus". 
  If you have no plan or focus of how your day will be, then there is no need gallivanting up and down aimlessly without any sense of direction or definite plan. 
    Therefore, this new week, set your goals for each day and each week and  as well as  give yourself an ultimatum to achieve each goal, because it is your goals that determines your success and use your time wisely and most of all do not over stress yourself, in all your endeavours, try to be healthy because health is Wealth, because if you are unhealthy, then you can't  embark on all  your businesses. By the end of this week, have a sense of fulfilment that yes I have achieved something.
Happy new day!!!!!!! 
Happy new week!!!!!!
God bless Nigeria!!!!! 

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