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Sunday, 3 April 2016

PURPOSE part B - Life is worth living

Listening to the lyrics of the song "life is worth living" by Justin Bieber, it's says;
"Trying to figure out where to go...........
People makes mistake but doesn't mean you have to give in......life is worth living again "
This song inspires me a lot because there is a point in our life when we will all ask these questions;

Who am i?
What am I here for?
What will become of me in the nearest future? 
Life is truly worth living because we are all here for a particular purpose, we have a long journey ahead of us in fulfilling that purpose, that's why life is a journey that must be completed. Before the journey of life can be completed, we must all an inner sense of fulfillment. 
But in the journey of life, we all need a sense of direction, we can't live life like the chaff which the wind blows away, a life without direction is not worth living. Once you have a sense of direction in life, move in the course of that direction, just like a ship without a direction will surely sink, so it is the coach or captain that steers the course of the ship to give it a sense of direction, so is life you are the captain or coach of your life, you are the only one that can steer the course of your life and no one else. 
Another point that is note worthy is the fact that in life, people make mistakes but that does not mean we should give in, never give in to mistakes or failure, failure or mistakes is not the end of life. Your failure is not your fall. 
Make your life worth living so that at the end you will have a sense of fulfillment, live your life not for your own selfish interest but for the good of those around you, impact the lives of those you come across and live a lasting impression anywhere you find yourself. Just as the  first impression you create matters a lot so is the lasting impression you live, it means a lot.
Live your life and be the best version of you.
Once you are able to answer the above questions, then your life will truly be worth living and dying for.    

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