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Friday, 26 August 2016

Good evening friends,
Read this wonderful piece from one of Bowen's talented writer, who also happens to be an Entrepreneur and an ALUMNI of the Department of History and International Relations, Bowen University.
Read and learn alot.

                   We are Royalty
We are the kings that don’t have a crown boldly seated
 on the top of our heads, but we have a heart that is wild
and brave enough to rule over our dispriviledges,
we have made the world our palace.
And have built our throne untop  our misfortunes.
We possess the aura of kingship,
We breathe the air of supreme divination ,
We may not wear crowns, but our permanent rule is guaranteed,
We are free spirited,  we either find a way or we make our way

We may not be  bounded by Royal ethics , laws and doctrines,
But our pride is rested in our morals, and the ethics of right and wrong
This our law, we carry our heads high, and gracefully fight for our own
Chambers in this large palace, we dance to our tunes,  as we are pleased.

We are the kings that don’t have staffs to accompany us wherever we go,
Neither do we have lasting beads worn across our wrists and neck
We wear our pride and our shamelessness helps to maneuver
 and breakthrough the walls of hunger.

Only the wild ones will survive,
 our teeth are sharp enough to supply our needs accordingly,
and our hands are  strong enough to till and toil to ensure our daily survival,
regardless the peril in the woods that seeks to invade our kingdom.

We are royalty, we will only bow to whoever we choose to,
The Golden fish has no hiding place,
Therefore, we know that someday, our crown will be visible to the world
Because we are Royalty.

                                                                                                               By: AdeyemiAdeyinka.

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