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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Change is a state of the mind
Change begins when you are ready,
Change begins when we are set,
To rid our minds off the old ways and habits,
When we are ready and willing to learn from our mistakes
And face the consequences of our past misdeeds.
When we learn from the past
And chart a course for the future

Change is not when we remain docile,
And expect things or events to unfold.
Change is not when play the blame game
Change is not when we do the same thing,
And expect a different result
Change is not when we cry
When we havehave not  tried
Change is not a mere rhetoric,
Change is an action
Change is not when we spend
While we have not earned
Change is not when we sleep
And expect a leap

Change comes with pains and toils
Change comes with challenging and high demands
For there is no gain without pain
Change is sacrificing for a common good
Change comes with the right
And positive mental attitude
Change is not far away
Change is right in front of You,
You have but a step between You and change.
Change begins with You
Each step you take
Sets You on the path of change
Until You are right,
Your world will remain wrong
Until You work on Yourself,
You will never see change.

Change is possible
Only when You deem it so
Your world will never change,
Your society will never change
Your friends will never change
Until You change.
Change is an action
Change is an attitude
Change is learning
Change is the adoption of a new approach to life.
Change begins with a drastic revolution.
Change is a mental state of mind
Change is a resolve to experience something new
Change begins with You
Change is a deviation from the normal and conventional way of doing things.
You are the change you have been waiting for

Happy new month, welcome to a September to remember.

                                By: David Adejumo

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