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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Read this mind blowing wriite up from an inspired soul.
I wasn’t born like this, shackles and scars as adornment. No i was born as You were. Tears of joy amid sweats. A strong mother held me close to Her bosom, while a proud father stared at me in awe. I was born to live just as You do. To rule and reign just like You do. Why should i pay for the sins of selfish and wicked capitalists in time past, who in their greedy myopic and twisted minds turned the future of an entire race around by making the Predecessors into slaves. Dragged across seas, they germinated a single seed of this devilish idea into a global strong hold of racial injustice and societal stereotype.
Today the shackles and chains no longer hang around my neck, but the mental slavery persists. You see my hair as been unruly and dirty, while you see my skin as inferior and second class. And yet You blame my aggression and condemn my insolence.
Sorry for not being sorry, but it is either fight or be oppressed.
Till my voice is heard in your corridors and chambers, till my skin regains its glory in your sight, i will not stop, i will not relent, I will not rest till the mental shackles are lifted, and my race reigns.
Written by Peter Omotosho


  1. Awesome piece! Definitely speaks to the truth of the movement.

  2. Yea bro, we must not relent in this movement, until the black race is well respected globally