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Monday, 8 August 2016


Good morning Everyone, its indeed a glamorous new week, we took a week break to refresh Ourselves, but we are back with exclusive words, thoughts and sayings from wise Men. Enjoy and stay blessed, don't only read, understand and get inspired.

Humility is an act and virtue Anyone aiming for the top of the ladder must possess. Anyone wishing to scale new heights must be humble.
We all love to pride on our achievements and what we can do, But with humility, You don't need to announce Yourself before You become celebrated. Your achievements will speak for You and not your words because words without actions or evidence is nothing. Your achievements are the evidence You have to make You announced.
Humble People are those who are at the top of the ladder but always want to be at the bottom of the ladder to help others rise. That is an irony of life. The more You bring Yourself low, the more You rise to the top and scale new heights.
Humility comes in different forms;
Apologising even when You are wrong
Serving others even when You have servants and Helpers
Volunteering for a greater cause.
Helping others even when You have so little.
Shutting up even when You have achieved something worthwhile.
Smiling always even to those You know or You don't know.
Relating with Everyone both at the bottom, middle and top of the ladder.
If You humble Yourself, You will be lifted up. Don't be full of Yourself, unless You will be reduced to nothing.
We rise to the top by humility and lifting Others while we fall to the ground by shunning Others and harbouring pride.
Great Men always rise to the top by serving others.
True humility is not thinking less of Yourself, it is thinking of Yourself less.
Don't boast in your ability or what You have or possess because what You think You can do, countless People can do it much more better than You or What You think You have, countless people have much more than You.
Do not strive to announce Yourself Anywhere You are becausebecause nature will announce You. A lion does not need to roar before its presence is noticed. Nature takes its course on a humble person by announcing that person. A humble Person is a noble Person in disguise

Ralph Waldo Emerson said;
A Great man is always willing to be little. 
Albert Einstein the greatest Physcist and one of the greatest Genius that ever lived admitted that He was nothing and He knew nothing.
Humility makes You realise that What You are or what You have is just a function of chance and privilege, not because its your right or You deserve it.
When You are humble, You control your thoughts because Our thoughts can be the birthplace of pride. So control your thoughts and tame your words. Let Your action tell Your story and not your word.
Thomas Merton said;
Pride makes Us artificial and humility makes us real and natural
Stay humble and You rumble to the top.
One last thing is that;
Pride goes before a fall, while humility comes before You rise.

Have a nice week, stay humble, stay loyal and rise to the top.

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