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Friday, 12 August 2016


He woke up earlier than His wife  which was quite unusual, because His wife normally wakes up earlier than Him and it became so strange that When He tried to wake her up, his hand passed through, he thought it was a dream until He was astonished standing in front of His lifeless body, He wondered why He was awake and His body was in the bed but it never occurred to him that  He was dead, He was still thinking whether it was a dream or He was under a spell, yet still He tried to open the door thinking His wife will wake up, but his hand passed through, this again surprised Him and he waited patiently until his wife tried to wake his lifeless body, but all to no avail. He called to her; “Honey am awake, look at me standing right next to You”, but she seemed not to be answering, this again surprised Him, he shouted and shouted but still no reply. It was when His wife broke the news to the children that He was dead that he now realized that He was gone, he was now history. Later that day, sympathizers and family members trooped in crying and panting, He thought of what will happen to all his wealth, what He had worked for all His life, his wife and children, who will marry his beautiful wife and take care of his children. He cried, shouted, He begged to be given back his life, but there was no reply, He was in a lonely world alone, no friends, no family and no colleagues. He had reached the climax of his life, he was now history and He had crossed to the great beyond, he was empty just like the way he came to the world, he was without anything, he had always thought his wealth, power and influence will be forever, he believed not in divine providence, His power, influence and wealth made him seem like a god and an immortal, but they all had vanished. He was now in another world, “Life after death” All the noise, hustle and bustle of the world was now gone, soon after spending some time roaming around the world lonely, He now set out on a long, narrow and lonely journey to the great beyond.... . ................

Life is a gift, cherish it and use it judiciously, because the person that gave You the gift can decide to take his property and give it to another, live a life that You will be proud of, but remember, the things of the world are temporary, they will soon vanish. Have an ultimate goal of having a lasting peace after death.
      “If You have nothing to live for,
        You are like a dead man”

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