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Thursday, 11 August 2016


There is the story of a man, after working and acquiring so much wealth, power and influence, he had all the academic degrees You could think of, He was handsome and He married a beautiful Wife, He and His family lived in a big comfortable house and they rode one of the latest and most expensive cars in town, He was fulfilled and had achieved all His childhood dreams of becoming a wonderful CEO of a very big Multinational Company, He had a Bachelors degree, a MBA and a PHD degree,  He had everything He always wanted, The world indeed was at his feet and fingertips.
 This Man enjoyed life to the fullest, He thought He was immortal, He thought His wealth and riches will live with Him forever, He was carried away by all His possessions.
 One day, when He arrived from His normal business trips, He settled at Home, had a wonderful dinner with His family and they all planned and discussed about where they will travel to for their summer vacation, the plan was already in place, and they all went to bed as usual. But something unusual happened around 1:00AM in the middle of the night........  ...................
To be continued.

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